No Krunner (Alt-F2) on fresh install of Kubuntu 11.04 (KDE 4.6.3)

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu May 12 08:09:04 BST 2011

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 04:45, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> wrote:
> It may be that you can use the shift key to unlock capslock, so all you
> need to be able to do is lock it.  Again, that's one of the KDE options
> under hardware/input/keyboard, and I don't /think/ it should interfere
> much with normal usage by anyone else.

Actually, I don't use the Capslock feature either, I use the physical
Capslock key to switch keyboard layouts. I will eventually remap it to
the Scroll-lock key on the keyboard to get it out of the way, but I
need to learn how to configure it properly for the rest of this
keyboard layout.

> There's probably an xmodemap method for making caps-lock work all the way,
> but as I said, I've not actually used it, just know of it, so... the
> work-around above stikes me as reasonable.

Thanks, I'll continue looking for that way. I agree that it likely
exists, but it is well hidden (not well documented).

> (FWIW, I physically take off the caps-lock key, here.  I /could/ remap it,
> but having the slot right beside my left pinky-finger on the home row
> gives me a much stronger position-by-touch than I'd otherwise have, and if
> I NEED caps-lock for some reason, I can always get a pen or something and
> hit the still-working now recessed pad.  But normally I just hold the
> shift key AND TOUCH-TYPE MORE OR LESS AS I NORMALLY WOULD (switching pinkys
> on the shift key from one to the other if it's necessary to hit a key that
> the pinky would normally take).  That, and the fact that I have a
> reasonable size Logitech "ergonomic wave" keyboard that's generally
> balanced in my lap, is good enough... for the X-hundred-line posts I
> sometimes make, compared to back in High School when I took typing and
> used to hurt so bad...  I still have trouble on a standard "straight"
> keyboard, but not on a properly split and angled "wave", which is all I'll
> use on my main machine, tho I use the straight keyboard on my netbook for
> short-term-use.)

I currently use an MS Natural 4000 split keyboard, by far the most
comfortable keyboard that I've ever used. It is however completely
worn out and uncomfortable to press the keys already. I just bought
(hasn't yet been delivered) a straight Ducky keyboard with Cherry
Brown switches. If I can't get used to the straight layout again then
I'll cut up the Ducky's PCB and mount it in the MS Natural. I don't
know what I'll do about the spacebar, though!

Dotan Cohen
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