No Krunner (Alt-F2) on fresh install of Kubuntu 11.04 (KDE 4.6.3)

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed May 11 21:58:26 BST 2011

On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 00:39, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> wrote:
> If you're trying to configure different models of physical keyboard,
> that's accomplished thru xorg.conf(.d) hotplugging configuration, these
> days (since xorg-server-1.8).  You can even plug multiple keyboards in at
> once and have them each IDed and assigned the appropriate variants as
> necessary. =:^)

Thanks, but I am in fact working with one physical keyboard. I
currently use the US, Hebrew, and Russian layouts. The wife uses only
the first two. I need to add this Noah layout (my own design) to ease
the burden on some weak fingers. There are tons of resources online
for creating custom layouts, but nothing addresses the modifier keys
or Caps. I'm pretty certain if we can swap Caps_Lock and B then I can
figure the rest out.

> If instead you're wanting different settings for the same device, perhaps
> for different users, that's a bit different.  xmodmap can be used there,
> at runtime, either set to run when a user logs in, or setup using several
> scripts that can be invoked as needed to switch settings.  However, I
> should mention that I've never actually used xmodmap myself, only read
> about it.  There's a manpage for it, tho...

Yes, and the examples are pretty good. I was able to get the Caps_Lock
key to function as a perfect B, and B to function as a broken
Caps_Lock, by swapping the scancodes for the two keys and adding some
statements at the end:

keycode  56 = b B b B // was 66
keycode  66 = Caps_Lock NoSymbol Caps_Lock // was 56
remove Lock = Caps_Lock
keysym b = Caps_Lock
keysym B = Caps_Lock
add Lock = Caps_Lock

However, although the B key now engages Caps_Lock, pressing the key
again does not disengage it! Nor does pressing the Caps_Lock key
(which now is B).

How can we overcome this?

> There's also an app (referred to in the see also section of the xmodmap
> manpage) called setxkbmap, but I don't have it or its manpage installed
> and have never used it, so...

Yes, that is how I'm loading the keymap that I was referring to above.
I enable standard US layout like this:
✈demios:~$ setxkbmap -layout us

Then export it to a file:
✈demios:~$ xmodmap -pke > noah

Then do the mods that I mentioned above:
✈demios:~$ vi noah

Then load the file:
✈demios:~$ xmodmap noah

Thanks for your insight, Duncan.

Dotan Cohen
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