pager insists on 2x2 layout

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Tue May 10 03:16:18 BST 2011

Alex Schuster posted on Mon, 09 May 2011 21:51:50 +0200 as excerpted:

> Daniel Barna writes:
>> I configured pager to have 4 desktops in 1 row, and assigned the
>> shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+Right/Left to change desktop.
>> All went nicely, but after each restart/login, the Desktop Switch
>> On-Screen Display shows a 2x2 layout, and correspondingly, the above
>> keyboard shortcuts only allow to change 1 desktop (because the other
>> two are not left- or right, but below these). In the Panel, the
>> desktops are organized 4 in a row.
>> Is this a known bug? Is there an easy fix for this?
> I don't know. But here it's the other way around, sometimes: I have 3x2
> desktops, but a few times it happened that when I log in, it is 6x1
> layout. Somtimes also the position of the pager was shifted two
> positions to the left. I did  not care too much about it, and undid the
> changes. But it makes me wonder how much other stuff might get changed
> that I don't notice directly.

I believe I've seen similar, a few times.  But I don't worry too much 
about it and just let it stay at the default.  For switching, I normally 
use either the desktop-grid view (set to trigger when the mouse hits the 
top-left corner of the desktop), or more frequently, simply scroll-wheel 
on the desktop itself.

My setup is dual 22-inch full HDTV 1080p standard resolution (1920x1080) 
monitors, stacked, for a 1920x2160 desktop, with the "working" monitor the 
bottom one, allowing a maximized 1920x1080 or two side-by-side 960x1080 
windows on the working monitor, and a large 1/3 height (360px) panel 
across the top of the top one, with the other 2/3 of it being auxiliary 
space, for a media player, an auxiliary konsole window, whatever.  As 
such, part of the desktop in that auxiliary space is nearly always 
exposed, so I can almost always wheel-scroll over it to change desktops, 
and that's the way I do so most often. 

Meanwhile, there's also the individual keyboard shortcuts for each 
desktop, if worse comes to worse.  I don't use them much on my main 
machine, but DO use them frequently on my 1024x600 resolution netbook, 
where I have the checkbox set for kwin to maximize nearly everything, 
including dialog windows, so the desktop is very rarely available to 
scroll over.  These are CTRL-F1 thru CTRL-F12 (up to 12 desktops) by 
default, but I map them to Win-F1 (Meta-F1) upward instead, as the Win key 
is what I map nearly all my windows and other kwin shortcuts to.

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