pager insists on 2x2 layout

Alex Schuster wonko at
Wed May 11 00:45:46 BST 2011

Duncan writes:

> I believe I've seen similar, a few times.  But I don't worry too much
> about it and just let it stay at the default.  For switching, I normally
> use either the desktop-grid view (set to trigger when the mouse hits the
> top-left corner of the desktop), or more frequently, simply scroll-wheel
> on the desktop itself.

> Meanwhile, there's also the individual keyboard shortcuts for each
> desktop, if worse comes to worse.  I don't use them much on my main
> machine, but DO use them frequently on my 1024x600 resolution netbook,
> where I have the checkbox set for kwin to maximize nearly everything,
> including dialog windows, so the desktop is very rarely available to
> scroll over.  These are CTRL-F1 thru CTRL-F12 (up to 12 desktops) by
> default, but I map them to Win-F1 (Meta-F1) upward instead, as the Win
> key is what I map nearly all my windows and other kwin shortcuts to.

Whoa, using the Win key for window-relates shortcuts is a really great
idea! Actually, that's what I do too :)  Finally a use for this dammn
Windows key. So I'm using it much much more often than when I'm using
I use Win-F1 to Win-F6 to change desktops, and with Win-Shift-F1 to
Win-Shift-F6 I can send an application to the desired destination. Or
make it sticky on all desktops with Win-Shift-Esc.
The scrolling wheel works, too, but I don't use it at all, I think I
better deactivate it. I also don't think like my remote desktop is my
admin desktop plus three, instead I think 'admin' is 1, and 'remote' is
4. And I can switch with one keypress, instead of having to scroll the
wheel exactly tree times.

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