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Mon May 9 02:04:07 BST 2011

On Sunday, May 08, 2011 08:49:57 PM Duncan did opine:

> gene heskett posted on Sat, 07 May 2011 20:12:14 -0400 as excerpted:
> > Whats with the new folder command that it cannot be used to create a
> > new folder in the existing folder list, but always insists on making
> > the new folder as a subfolder in an existing one?
> > 
> > Thanks for any help.  I just joined a new mailing list and find I
> > cannot make a target folder for its incoming messages.
> It seems to make a new folder at the top level just fine, here; I just
> tried it.
> Two caveats, however:
> 1) I use only pop3 mail servers here, with the exception of a single
> direct-to-maildir localhost maildir.  In fact, I've never used IMAP so
> have no experience what it's like, tho I know a bit about the theory. 
> If you're using IMAP, since that stores the mail folders on the server,
> it may be an idiosyncrasy related either to kmail's imap handling or to
> the server's config.
same here, all pop3, but fetchmail, procmail, and SA put that which passes 
muster into the local /var/spol/mail/username file, and kmail then pulls 
from that nearly instantly thanks to inotifywait and a bit of bash script.

> 2) The way kmail displays the tree can be a bit confusing.  "Local
> folders" and "Searches" (along with presumably, "Remote folders" or
> something similar for IMAP) are displayed as top-level folders, when
> they're really not folders at all, but categories.  Obviously, you can't
> create a folder at /that/ level, since by definition, it'll be either a
> local folder, a remote (IMAP) folder, or a saved search that appears as
> a folder under searches.

When I click on Local Folders, the 'Folder' menu is all greyed out.  To 
enable the foilder menu, I have to click on something else, like the inbox, 
but for the last 2 days it had been insisting on making the heekscad folder 
in the inbox.  But just to make me a liar, it just worked exactly like I 
wanted it to just this instant.
> But I have no problems at all creating a folder directly under "Local
> Folders".
> Meanwhile, it should be noted that at this point, the kmail we're using
> isn't getting new features and is only being maintained at a minimal
> level to keep it functional, until the akonadi-based kmail2 (along with
> the necessary conversion scripts, the last thing holding it up now, I
> believe) is judged stable and ready for normal use.
> That the kdepim folks did NOT just declare kmail2 ready and release it,
> ignoring any problems, instabilities and loss of user data, simply
> because it fit their schedule better back when they planned to release
> it with kde 4.5, is IMO a very GOOD thing, as it seems some kde folks
> might have actually learned something from the whole early kde4 fiasco,
> and are if anything, erring on the side of caution, this time.  But
> since it's my nearly decade and a half of mail archive at stake, I
> consider this a **GOOD** thing. =:^)

Me too.  Thanks to a dead tape drive and a dead hard drive in 2002, that is 
as far back as my email corpus goes.  ;( But its still nearly 20Gib.

> Anyway, as I mentioned, kmail2 was originally planned for release with
> kde 4.5, but when the time came, it was declared not yet ready, so they
> stuck a few bandaids on the existing kde 4.4 version so it would work
> with 4.5, and continued shipping that instead.  4.6.0 came out, same
> story with a few more bandaids.  At this point, I think 4.7 should be
> the goal, tho in theory they could still ship it with 4.6.4 or
> something.
> So yeah, not much happening to the existing kmail, and to a lessor
> extent to the other packages in kdepim, until kmail2 comes out.  Until
> then, expect them to keep current kmail working, but that's about it.

Other than the problem that caused me to post, the only other problem I 
have is that despite my testing for a kmail instance before I fire off 
inotifywait to go watch the mail spool.  If I let anything live in the 
spool, when either dbus doesn't send the command, or inotifywait only works 
correctly if it is started with a zero length spool.  Relatively minor at 

Thanks Duncan.

Cheers, Gene
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