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Sun May 8 09:26:17 BST 2011

gene heskett posted on Sat, 07 May 2011 20:12:14 -0400 as excerpted:

> Whats with the new folder command that it cannot be used to create a new
> folder in the existing folder list, but always insists on making the new
> folder as a subfolder in an existing one?
> Thanks for any help.  I just joined a new mailing list and find I cannot
> make a target folder for its incoming messages.

It seems to make a new folder at the top level just fine, here; I just 
tried it.

Two caveats, however:

1) I use only pop3 mail servers here, with the exception of a single 
direct-to-maildir localhost maildir.  In fact, I've never used IMAP so 
have no experience what it's like, tho I know a bit about the theory.  If 
you're using IMAP, since that stores the mail folders on the server, it 
may be an idiosyncrasy related either to kmail's imap handling or to the 
server's config.

2) The way kmail displays the tree can be a bit confusing.  "Local 
folders" and "Searches" (along with presumably, "Remote folders" or 
something similar for IMAP) are displayed as top-level folders, when 
they're really not folders at all, but categories.  Obviously, you can't 
create a folder at /that/ level, since by definition, it'll be either a 
local folder, a remote (IMAP) folder, or a saved search that appears as a 
folder under searches.

But I have no problems at all creating a folder directly under "Local 

Meanwhile, it should be noted that at this point, the kmail we're using 
isn't getting new features and is only being maintained at a minimal level 
to keep it functional, until the akonadi-based kmail2 (along with the 
necessary conversion scripts, the last thing holding it up now, I believe) 
is judged stable and ready for normal use.

That the kdepim folks did NOT just declare kmail2 ready and release it, 
ignoring any problems, instabilities and loss of user data, simply because 
it fit their schedule better back when they planned to release it with kde 
4.5, is IMO a very GOOD thing, as it seems some kde folks might have 
actually learned something from the whole early kde4 fiasco, and are if 
anything, erring on the side of caution, this time.  But since it's my 
nearly decade and a half of mail archive at stake, I consider this a 
**GOOD** thing. =:^)

Anyway, as I mentioned, kmail2 was originally planned for release with kde 
4.5, but when the time came, it was declared not yet ready, so they stuck 
a few bandaids on the existing kde 4.4 version so it would work with 4.5, 
and continued shipping that instead.  4.6.0 came out, same story with a 
few more bandaids.  At this point, I think 4.7 should be the goal, tho in 
theory they could still ship it with 4.6.4 or something.

So yeah, not much happening to the existing kmail, and to a lessor extent 
to the other packages in kdepim, until kmail2 comes out.  Until then, 
expect them to keep current kmail working, but that's about it.

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