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Thu May 5 11:45:54 BST 2011

John Woodhouse posted on Thu, 05 May 2011 02:50:54 -0700 as excerpted:

> Looks to me that for sound and multimedia 32bit is still the best bet. I
> would be interested in any comments on that.
> John Opensuse 11.4 kde 4.6.0 issue 6

Perhaps on OpenSuSE...  (I'm not knocking it.  I just don't know enough 
about it to judge, so given that you run it, your conclusion may be 

On Gentoo at least, full 64-bit-only (the no-multilib profile) works just 
fine.  Since I don't do closed source servantware and all the open source 
freedomware packages I run were amd64 ported years ago, I don't have or 
need any 32-bit on the main system at all (well, with the exception of 
grub, since 64-bit systems still boot in 32-bit mode for legacy support 
reasons; I run the pre-compiled grub-static package of that).

(Well, I do also have a 32-bit chroot build and maintenance image for my 
32-bit-only netbook, rsyncing it over, so the netbook doesn't have to do 
any package tracking or building at all.  But I don't need or use it for 
normal use of the 64-bit machine, only for building updates later rsynced 
to the netbook.)

But many distributions choose to install at least by default a mixed 32-
bit/64-bit system, with 32-bit often preferred for multimedia due to the 
servantware codecs, some of which are 32-bit only, and for certain games 
and other often 32-bit-only servantware apps.

Gentoo's one such distribution; I'm just running the no-multilib not the 
default multilib profile.  It makes sense for me since I won't install 
such servantware on my system in the first place (nor could I legally even 
if I wanted to, since EULAs have been deemed by at least some courts in 
this country to be valid, and I can no longer agree to conditions that 
appear in nearly all of them), to run 64-bit-only, as it's far less 
complex, eliminating the whole class of potential issues caused by 32-
bit/64-bit mixups, both in the package manager and in my own head.

You /did/ ask for comments. =;^P

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