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> John Woodhouse posted on Thu, 05 May 2011 02:50:54 -0700 as  excerpted:
> > Looks to me that for sound and multimedia 32bit is still  the best bet. I
> > would be interested in any comments on that.
> > 
> > John Opensuse 11.4 kde 4.6.0 issue 6
> Perhaps on  OpenSuSE...  (I'm not knocking it.  I just don't know enough 
> about  it to judge, so given that you run it, your conclusion may be 
> correct.)

> But many distributions choose to install at  least by default a mixed 32-
> bit/64-bit system, with 32-bit often preferred  for multimedia due to the 
> servantware codecs, some of which are 32-bit only,  and for certain games 
> and other often 32-bit-only servantware  apps.

I tend to favour opensuse because of yast. It makes maintenance fairly

On sound/multimedia with 32bit getting that to work was a simple matter
of installing xine and the usual illegal codec pack. I did run into a problem
updating kaffeine - missing kaffeine- lang.............. Curiously that was
available for 64bit. Trying to do the same sort of thing with 64bit generated
a massive dependency problems and many conflicts which is why I tried 
a yast meta package. These are a huge collection of rpm's and they
often change things that may not need changing. They also invariably
produce other problems.

I asked as I wondered if this was a general problem rather than specific
to opensuse.

On open/closed source as far as drivers are concerned I strongly favour
companies that produce good linux drivers. Open or closed source. I
wish there were a lot more of them as more people would be inclined to
use linux. Eventually linux drivers would become standard as mac
drivers have now become. As things stand I have no other alternative
to running windows some where or the other. It's unrealistic to
expect the open source community to keep up with the myriads of
things that can be plugged into a pc. ;-) No doubt we will never ever
agree on this subject Duncan.

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