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John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at
Thu May 5 10:50:54 BST 2011

I had a rather odd problem setting up kmail to play a wav file when new

mail arrives. I basically stated that didn't have what it needed and popped
up a kde helper which wanted to install several gstreamer..............'s all of 
were the same. I selected install and it failed out due to too may 
Tried selecting only one for install and exactly the same thing happened.

Any idea's? A gstre........... was already installed and phonon at the time was 

Not asking about this - Silly me - I installed a yast meta package.
Phonon isn't ok now as I chose to fix by getting kaffiene to work. Kaffiene 
falls over
as soon as any adjustment is made to it's window but my mail notification is now 
The kde phonon in system settings is dead now though. I suspect I have finished 
with an awful 32 and 64bit software mix that is so interlinked I can't roll it 

Looks to me that for sound and multimedia 32bit is still the best bet. I would 
be interested
in any comments on that.

Opensuse 11.4 kde 4.6.0 issue 6

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