Various Kmail paths?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Thu May 5 10:42:51 BST 2011

On Thursday, 2011-05-05, John Woodhouse wrote:
> Think I have sorted this out now. My concern was that I couldn't see my
> emails - just one of them. I've imported them and then re arranged,
> intending to keep some and discard the rest. Confused by the fact that
> dolphin doesn't retain it's view setting so wasn't showing hidden files or
> more importantly hidden directories.
> Now fixed as I have selected common view and added the show hidden files
> button.
> For some reason sub folders of inbox are in a hidden directory as are some
> of the
> KMail-Import folders. On open suse 10.3 "kde 3.can't remember" this seems
> to have
> caused copying problems so lots of my mail wasn't there to be imported when
> I upgraded. I solved that by re installing my old installation and taring
> the entire mail
> directory. ;-) Didn't reduce the size by much if any but did catch all of
> the contents.

I always use tar, as it processes all files and stores access rights flags 
correctly, etc.

> Must ask the devs why some mail directories are hidden and others aren't?
> Surely the
> sensible option would be to hide the ~kde directory and none of the ones
> below or at
> least be consistent and hide all rather than just a few of them.

That's how maildir works.
Every folder has a directory named like the folder. If a folder contains 
subfolders, there is a special sub directory which then holds the sub folders 
again by their name.

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