konsole (started around 4.5, IIRC) suspends processing shortly after the displays go into sleep mode.

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat Mar 5 09:48:29 GMT 2011

Try this command in a konsole window:

while true; do { sleep 1; date; } done

It should start printing the time, repeatedly, every second.  (You may 
wish to adjust that to every 5 seconds using sleep 5, it's up to you.)

Now, wait a few minutes after X shuts down the displays.  Here, the 
display goes off at ~10 minutes of no keyboard/mouse, and this effect 
seems to occur after another ~5, but wait a few more, so ~20 minutes total 
(~10 after the display shuts off).

Here's what I see when I wiggle the mouse and bring the display back to 

Sat Mar  5 01:05:49 MST 2011
Sat Mar  5 01:05:50 MST 2011
Sat Mar  5 01:05:51 MST 2011
Sat Mar  5 01:05:52 MST 2011
Sat Mar  5 01:11:27 MST 2011
Sat Mar  5 01:11:28 MST 2011
Sat Mar  5 01:11:29 MST 2011
Sat Mar  5 01:11:30 MST 2011

Note that time gap.  I didn't manually stop anything.  Why did it stop?  I 
didn't tell it to.  Yet, my streaming Internet radio continued to play the 
entire time -- the computer itself didn't go to sleep, only, apparently, 
the konsole session, which seems to have issued a SIGSTOP to its child 
processes, suspending them a few minutes after I stopped interacting with 
the system, until I started interacting with it again, at which point it 
would appear to have issued the corresponding SIGCONT, to continue where 
it left off.

Why did konsole stop what it was doing just because I stopped interacting 
with the computer?  I certainly did NOT deliberately configure it to do 
so, it didn't used to tho AFAIK this behavior started with about 4.5, and 
I have no idea where to go to fix the problem.

If I try this in a VT instead of a konsole window, the timestamps (or 
build jobs) continue without interruption.  That's a workaround, but it's 
not a solution to the problem with konsole.

For a problem it certainly is, particularly when I setup a kde update 
(like 4.6.1!) to build, expecting to come back a few hours later to see it 
done, only to find it stopped only a few minutes in, because I wasn't 
sitting there babysitting it, keeping the input going!

Where/how do I fix it?  There seems to be no setting for that in konsole 
profile settings, the logical place to look, neither do I see anything 
apparently related in kcontrol (older accurate name, the now deceivingly 
named systemsettings that instead are mostly the user's kde-specific 
settings).  The konsole handbook mentions no such therefore "undocumented 
feature" (aka bug).

Of course I can try manually trapping SIGSTOP in whatever long-running 
jobs I do in the konsole, but again, that's a workaround, not a proper 
solution for a problem I shouldn't be having in the first place, and 
didn't used to have.

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