kwin performance gets worse and worse with every release

Alex Schuster wonko at
Wed Jun 29 14:07:56 BST 2011

Nikos Chantziaras writes:

> I just installed KDE RC1.  The trend of kwin becoming slower and slower
> continues with this release.  I remember KDE 4.3 (or maybe 4.2) where
> kwin was fast and nice.  After every release, it would become slower.
> It reached a negative peak with 4.6.  Now with 4.7 RC1, kwin has become
> even more slow.  It's extremely annoying to use.
> What is happening to kwin?  It's becoming the definition of "sluggish
> GUI".  Out of every window manager I have tried, kwin is now the slowest
> of them all.

Is it also slow with compositing turned off (Alt-Shift-F12 to toggle)? With 
compositing turned on, moving windows is awfully slow here, while switching 
desktops is faster. But I guess this is an X / OpenGL problem on my side, 
other things are also slow. It's okay to use, but every time I log into 
another environment, I realize how fast window movements can be.

Does performance degrade over time? kwin has a memory leak, it starts with 
around 35M, but after some days it uses more than 1G. Weird things start to 
happen then, like title bars not being drawn any more. It's time for a 
logout then.

I'm using KDE 4.6.4 on Gentoo Linux.

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