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J posted on Sun, 26 Jun 2011 12:05:16 -0400 as excerpted:

>   I am trying to assign the Menu key to "Activate Application Launcher
>   Menu
> Widget" but the System Settings->Global Keyboard Shortcuts-> Plasma
> Desktop shell won't accept them Menu key as input.  How can I assign
> this key?
> Keyboard layout is set to: Generic| Super Power Multimedia Keyboard The
> Keyboard itself has the standard keys + Power, Sleep, Wake Up, 2 windows
> keys (meta), and a menu/Option key.
> I am using OpenSuse 11.3 (and soon 11.4) with KDE 4.6.x On an EeePC.
> I hope this helps in finding a solution.

I don't know how you can actually assign it to anything, but by default, 
it should act as if you context-clicked (normally, right-clicked) on 
whatever is focused.

IOW, its function allows getting a context menu with keyboard navigation 
only, sans mouse.  Some people prefer to avoid using the mouse if they 
can, and this lets them get the context/popup menu that the right mouse 
button typically triggers.

FWIW, I have an Acer Aspire One netbook here.  Not an eee, but a netbook 
anyway, generation 1.5, before MS monopolized all the netbook sales and 
before all the problems with Intel pinedale graphics, but after the 
screens got slightly bigger (8" 1024x600), and with a 120 gig 2.5" SATA 
drive, not the tiny solid-state mini-ides.  I run Gentoo on it, built in 
a 32-bit chroot on my main dual-dual-core Opteron workstation.  So I do 
know what the netbook thing is all about, sort of.

I use hotkey launching for a number of things on my netbook, using Win-
Space, Alt-Space and Ctrl-Space as my main triggers.  There's also shift-
space if I wanted it, the six double-modifier combos (ctrl-alt-space, 
ctrl-win-space, ctrl-shift-space, win-alt-space, win-shift-space, alt-
shift-space), four triple modifiers (each leaving out one of the four 
modifiers), and the single all-four-mod space, combos.  That totals 15 
possible hotkey combos based on the space key alone!  That's pretty good, 
even without the menu key as either another modifier or a (possibly 
modified) trigger key.

However, if you /really/ want to remap the menu key to something else, 
consider using xmodmap or similar.  You can setup a shell script using 
that command to remap the keys you want, then use the kcontrol (umm... 
systemsettings, except it's not a systemsetting but a user-specific kde 
setting, as are most of the settings found there, so the kde3 name 
kcontrol is more accurate than the kde4 systemsettings, and I continue 
using the accurate term even tho it means a note like this in every post 
where I mention it), system administration, startup and shutdown, 
autostart module, to setup the script file to run at kde startup.

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