Building DBusMenu-Qt

David Doria daviddoria at
Sat Jun 18 03:28:59 BST 2011

> I believe the executable you are looking for is qdbusxml2cpp, which is
> part of the package (on gentoo) qt-dbus, which in turn is a part of qt,
> split-packaged on gentoo as qt-core, qt-dbus, qt-declarative... and a
> bunch of others.
> So you either need qt installed, or a newer version installed, or to tell
> cmake where to find it, I don't know which.

I am on RHEL 5.6 which has super old packages of everything. I have
therefore built Qt from source and am building kdelibs from source. So
my question is more of "why did qdbusxml2cpp not get built when I
built Qt?". Is there a way to "enable everything" or something like
that? I'm so used to cmake now-a-days that I don't know how to set
options like that without it!

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