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Sat Jun 18 05:36:47 BST 2011

David Doria posted on Fri, 17 Jun 2011 22:28:59 -0400 as excerpted:

> I am on RHEL 5.6 which has super old packages of everything. I have
> therefore built Qt from source and am building kdelibs from source. So
> my question is more of "why did qdbusxml2cpp not get built when I built
> Qt?". Is there a way to "enable everything" or something like that? I'm
> so used to cmake now-a-days that I don't know how to set options like
> that without it!

5.6. Yeah, that'd be older packages, for sure.

Why didn't qdbusxml2cpp get built with qt?  I don't know as the gentoo 
build-scripts have always taken care of that for me.

Are you sure it did /not/ get built?  Here, it's in /usr/bin, but 
presumably it'd be in /usr/local/bin or the like if you didn't specify a 
location for it.

Maybe your dbus is too old?  Let's see what the deps look like for it.

I have dbus-1.4.12 installed.  The qt-dbus ebuild requires >=dbus-1.0.2.  
Gentoo's dbus versions go back only thru 1.4.6, which was introduced only 
in February of this year.

dbus-1.0.2 appears to have been introduced in Gentoo back in Dec of 2006 
and removed in July of 2009.

Meanwhile, the configure logs spit this out when testing for dbus:

D-Bus auto-detection... ()

And the summary at the end of the configure step includes this:

QtDBus module .......... yes (linked)

So try searching/grepping for that in your qt build log and see what 
turns up.  (Or if that's gone, you can just run thru the configure step 
and see what it spits out.  That's what I just did here as I only keep ~4 
weeks of build-log rotation and qt-4.7.3 was installed ~5-6 weeks ago.)

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