KDE secretly on TV - PLUS a qtdesigner question

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>> Hey Steven
>> On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 9:39 PM, Steven Sroka <sroka.steven at gmail.com>
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>>>  Hi, I'm a user of KDE/bug fixer.
>>>  I've always wondered what OS's/Gui frameworks developers use when
>> they
>>>  create frontends for programs that the characters use in crime dramas
>>>  on TV.
>>>  I was watching Criminal Minds which a popular show in North America.
>>>  I've attached a screenshot of what I saw on the terminal while watch
>>>  an episode at work.
>>>  I love being a nerd. Finding these secret easter eggs.
>>>  I enjoy knowing and seeing that KDE and Linux is used everywhere
>>>  without people realizing it :)
>>>  Go KDE!
> Try qtdesigner or the whole shooting match Qt Creator which includes it. Wish I could find a pure C version though as not keen on c++. Qtcreator isn't all that intuative so it's best to follow one of the simple examples. I assumed the place to start was the gui - not so. The textfinder example is good place to start. Followed by the sliders one.
> On the question
> All widgets,windows,forms etc come up with maximise,context,? and etc buttons. Does anyone know of any info on removing some or all of these - looks a bit daft on a simple 1 line dialogue box with nothing other than a cancel button is needed.
> Qtdesigner also comes with opensuse along with kdevelop so I assume it's possible to used qtdesigner ui files with it? The Kapptemplate generator doesn't offer many
> options.

You can for sure, but I've never done it. Any GUI developers here?
You should try the kde-devel mailing list. I know that they would know.

> John
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