KDE secretly on TV - PLUS a qtdesigner question

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> Hey Steven
> On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 9:39 PM, Steven Sroka <sroka.steven at gmail.com> 
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>>  Hi, I'm a user of KDE/bug fixer.
>>  I've always wondered what OS's/Gui frameworks developers use when 
> they
>>  create frontends for programs that the characters use in crime dramas
>>  on TV.
>>  I was watching Criminal Minds which a popular show in North America.
>>  I've attached a screenshot of what I saw on the terminal while watch
>>  an episode at work.
>>  I love being a nerd. Finding these secret easter eggs.
>>  I enjoy knowing and seeing that KDE and Linux is used everywhere
>>  without people realizing it :)
>>  Go KDE!
Try qtdesigner or the whole shooting match Qt Creator which includes it. Wish I could find a pure C version though as not keen on c++. Qtcreator isn't all that intuative so it's best to follow one of the simple examples. I assumed the place to start was the gui - not so. The textfinder example is good place to start. Followed by the sliders one.

On the question
All widgets,windows,forms etc come up with maximise,context,? and etc buttons. Does anyone know of any info on removing some or all of these - looks a bit daft on a simple 1 line dialogue box with nothing other than a cancel button is needed.

Qtdesigner also comes with opensuse along with kdevelop so I assume it's possible to used qtdesigner ui files with it? The Kapptemplate generator doesn't offer many 

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