Konsole: split view show the same screen twice

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 12:45:01 BST 2011

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 14:31, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at cox.net> wrote:
>> In Konsole one can split the view. On KDE 4.5 and 4.6 spliting the view
>> shows the same view twice, one cannot have two separate terminal windows
>> in split view. Or am I doing it wrong?
> I /think/ you're doing it wrong, for what I /think/ you want to do, but
> thanks for the question as it just triggered for me a discovery of the
> feature you're accidentally using in place of what you want, which could
> be quite helpful here for its own uses! =:^)
> The feature you (accidentally) discovered is (apparently, you just
> triggered my own discovery of the feature, but a quick test demonstrates
> that this is how it can be used) for two views on the same shell session
> -- the most common usage would be referring to output or commands
> otherwise way scrolled off the screen when typing in a new command in the
> same session, so you don't have to keep scrolling multiple pages back up
> the history to see the previous output, as you type new input multiple
> pages down the history from what you're trying to refer to.

I agree, seeing the output that scrolled off the screen is a use for
the current Konsole split view.

> The feature I believe you're looking for is separate shell sessions in
> panes.  In konsole (itself), the UI metaphor for that is tabs, not
> panes.  There's a tab-bar, depending on configuration, either above or
> below the main terminal displays.  (The profile config says the tabs can
> be hidden, but it appears that's not actually implemented; they always
> appear here regardless of what the profile setting says.)  You can add
> new shell sessions (as new tabs) from there.

No, I am already familiar with tabs. Think of it this way: I want to
view two tabs at the same time. Just as in Dolphin one can split the
view and view two directories at the same time.

> Here, I have konsole on a hotkey, so I just start an entirely new konsole
> session if I want a separate session in a new pane.  That allows me more
> flexibility in quitting it when I'm done, as well, and it's not unusual
> at all for me to be running two konsoles half-maximized right and left on
> my main working monitor with often another on my auxiliar monitor.
> I used to run upto nine separate konsoles (tho more frequently seven)
> when updating the system on Gentoo, each with its own emerge or config
> file update going on, but since portage got the parallel jobs feature,
> I've not needed so many, tho I routinely still run two, often three, and
> occasionally four, some of which might have multiple shell sessions in
> other tabs.
> But there's a separate kde app, not shipped as part of kde-sc but
> available separately, called quad-konsole, that runs a separate konsole
> kpart in each of its multiple panes.  Obviously from the name, it can be
> configured for four panes, but the number of rows and columns is
> configurable, with at least 2x1 thru 4x4 configurations available and IIRC
> you could run 10x10 or even 50x50 (2500 konsole panes, wow!) if you
> wanted and had the screen-space and memory (both machine and human, to
> track 2500 simultaneous sessions! =:^) for it to be useful.

Thanks, this looks like what I need! However, it just crashes right away:
✈demios:~$ quadkonsole
kbuildsycoca running...
KCrash: Application 'quadkonsole' crashing...
Could not find 'drkonqi' executable.
KCrash cannot reach kdeinit, launching directly.

I'm now trying Terminator, which also has this feature:

> Back when I was doing that upto nine konsole windows at a time thing, I
> experimented with it a bit, but eventually decided separate hotkey-
> launched normal konsole sessions were more practical for me, especially
> after portage's emerge got its own parallel jobs functionality and I
> needed fewer shell sessions going at once.
> So I'd suggest trying quad-konsole as that appears to be what you're
> looking for, but meanwhile, thanks for pointing out that multi-view-on-a-
> single-shell-session feature.  There are times I could use it!

Thanks to you too for the mention of quadkonsole. Have a great day!

Dotan Cohen

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