Konsole: split view show the same screen twice

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Jun 16 12:31:39 BST 2011

Dotan Cohen posted on Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:17:47 +0300 as excerpted:

> In Konsole one can split the view. On KDE 4.5 and 4.6 spliting the view
> shows the same view twice, one cannot have two separate terminal windows
> in split view. Or am I doing it wrong?

I /think/ you're doing it wrong, for what I /think/ you want to do, but 
thanks for the question as it just triggered for me a discovery of the 
feature you're accidentally using in place of what you want, which could 
be quite helpful here for its own uses! =:^)

The feature you (accidentally) discovered is (apparently, you just 
triggered my own discovery of the feature, but a quick test demonstrates 
that this is how it can be used) for two views on the same shell session 
-- the most common usage would be referring to output or commands 
otherwise way scrolled off the screen when typing in a new command in the 
same session, so you don't have to keep scrolling multiple pages back up 
the history to see the previous output, as you type new input multiple 
pages down the history from what you're trying to refer to.

The feature I believe you're looking for is separate shell sessions in 
panes.  In konsole (itself), the UI metaphor for that is tabs, not 
panes.  There's a tab-bar, depending on configuration, either above or 
below the main terminal displays.  (The profile config says the tabs can 
be hidden, but it appears that's not actually implemented; they always 
appear here regardless of what the profile setting says.)  You can add 
new shell sessions (as new tabs) from there.

Here, I have konsole on a hotkey, so I just start an entirely new konsole 
session if I want a separate session in a new pane.  That allows me more 
flexibility in quitting it when I'm done, as well, and it's not unusual 
at all for me to be running two konsoles half-maximized right and left on 
my main working monitor with often another on my auxiliar monitor.

I used to run upto nine separate konsoles (tho more frequently seven) 
when updating the system on Gentoo, each with its own emerge or config 
file update going on, but since portage got the parallel jobs feature, 
I've not needed so many, tho I routinely still run two, often three, and 
occasionally four, some of which might have multiple shell sessions in 
other tabs.

But there's a separate kde app, not shipped as part of kde-sc but 
available separately, called quad-konsole, that runs a separate konsole 
kpart in each of its multiple panes.  Obviously from the name, it can be 
configured for four panes, but the number of rows and columns is 
configurable, with at least 2x1 thru 4x4 configurations available and IIRC 
you could run 10x10 or even 50x50 (2500 konsole panes, wow!) if you 
wanted and had the screen-space and memory (both machine and human, to 
track 2500 simultaneous sessions! =:^) for it to be useful.

Back when I was doing that upto nine konsole windows at a time thing, I 
experimented with it a bit, but eventually decided separate hotkey-
launched normal konsole sessions were more practical for me, especially 
after portage's emerge got its own parallel jobs functionality and I 
needed fewer shell sessions going at once.

So I'd suggest trying quad-konsole as that appears to be what you're 
looking for, but meanwhile, thanks for pointing out that multi-view-on-a-
single-shell-session feature.  There are times I could use it!

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