Dolphin: quickly switch panes?

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at
Thu Jun 16 00:28:45 BST 2011

> Another alternative I've never even had installed but I've read about as 
> a reasonable dual-pane kde file manager, is krusader.  If I used kde's 
> file management more than trivially, I'd definitely be trying that, but 
> mc's what I use for major file management, or gwenview for image 
> management, so dolphin only gets trivial usage, in which a single pane 
> browser along with the tree view and places, is quite enough.  And in 
> kde3 it was konqueror filling the same trivial role.  So I've never 
> bothered to try krusader.  Maybe someday...
I have installed krusader. It start up with 2 panes and from what I can see each of those can have multiple tabs. Shift right moves between tabs within a pane.

I originally installed it because none of the usual ways of extracting specific files from an rpm would work. It's just a matter of clicking on the rpm and dragging the files out now. It comes set up for double clicks but can be changed to konq mode etc. It also has a rich set of short cuts. One I haven't tried is cntrl E edit in su mode which saves opening it in su mode when needed. Next time I need to do a lot of that the dolphin icons may disappear of my quick launch bar. It will also handle tar's.

It also has the facility to file search and exclude specified directories. I've requested that feature for dolphin on the kde forum but last time I looked the idea was dormant. Maybe because I'm critical of nepomuk. With 30 odd gig of stuff kicking about mostly in smaller files that's rather important to me.

Seems to have bookmarks too and other aspects related to console use that I haven't played with yet.

What I lack now is one konq feature - photo/camera view. I will find not being able to open with the gimp from gwenview extremely irritating if it can't be used that way.

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