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J posted on Sun, 05 Jun 2011 09:54:08 -0400 as excerpted:

>   Recently, when I start up my test system the desktop is messed up. 
>   Once I
> unlock the widgets, then open the panel (taskbar, menu, system try
> widgets on it), select more settings, and tell it to shift right, or
> left, then back to centered, everything goes back to normal.
>   The obvious symptom is that everything opens its top left corner
>   outside the
> top left corner of the screen.  If I am using folder view for the
> desktop, it also seems to open that outside the screen area as well,
> creating a scrollbar that does nothing when moved up or down, causing
> the folder view items to now show.  The next obvious symptom is that the
> menu opens at the bottom of the screen and the panel is at the top of
> the screen.
>   Any idea what I need to look for or fix?

Unfortunately you don't give us a whole lot to go on, in terms of the 
version of kde you're running.

However, if you're running 4.6.2 or 4.6.3, a lot of users are having 
problems ATM due to some patches gone awry.  The problem is usually kwin 
getting mixed up and trying to treat the panels as normal windows, so it's 
usually panels not the plasmoids on them, but it's possible the plasmoids 
are getting placed strangely due to the strange panel handling in some 
instances as well.

If you're running one of those two versions, try setting up a window rule 
(I had to experiment a bit to get mine to take) either setting no 
placement for the window, or forcing its absolute position.  If you can 
get the rule to override the screwups kwin is doing with it's normal 
handling, you may be fine -- I was.

Other versions... might have other problems.  But one I and some other had 
with 4.5 anyway, is that if someone played with plasma too much, it would 
sometimes start multiplying activities on every login (or plasma 
restart).  The only thing that seemed to solve that was either a very 
careful and complicated edit of one of the plasma config files, or simply 
blowing it away so one started again from defaults.  But that doesn't 
sound quite like your problem either, since you didn't mention activities 
multiplying like crazy.

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