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Mon Jun 6 13:05:32 BST 2011

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> J posted on Sun, 05 Jun 2011 09:54:08 -0400 as excerpted:
> >   Recently, when I start up my test system the desktop is messed up.
> >   Once I
> > unlock the widgets, then open the panel (taskbar, menu, system try
> > widgets on it), select more settings, and tell it to shift right, or
> > left, then back to centered, everything goes back to normal.
> >
> >   The obvious symptom is that everything opens its top left corner
> >   outside the
> > top left corner of the screen.  If I am using folder view for the
> > desktop, it also seems to open that outside the screen area as well,
> > creating a scrollbar that does nothing when moved up or down, causing
> > the folder view items to now show.  The next obvious symptom is that the
> > menu opens at the bottom of the screen and the panel is at the top of
> > the screen.
> >
> >   Any idea what I need to look for or fix?
> Unfortunately you don't give us a whole lot to go on, in terms of the
> version of kde you're running.

KDE 4.6.x

Since I HAVE to edit the settings on the panel to get things to fix, I suspect
you are correct about kwin.  Since I have it at the top of the screen, I would
think it is already set to a fixed location.  Top, centered, and maximized are
the settings I have for it.

> However, if you're running 4.6.2 or 4.6.3, a lot of users are having
> problems ATM due to some patches gone awry.  The problem is usually kwin
> getting mixed up and trying to treat the panels as normal windows, so it's
> usually panels not the plasmoids on them, but it's possible the plasmoids
> are getting placed strangely due to the strange panel handling in some
> instances as well.
> If you're running one of those two versions, try setting up a window rule
> (I had to experiment a bit to get mine to take) either setting no
> placement for the window, or forcing its absolute position.  If you can
> get the rule to override the screwups kwin is doing with it's normal
> handling, you may be fine -- I was.

How does one set a rule?  I'm fairly new to the inner workings of KDE.


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