Running dolphin from a shell script and opening it in a specific directory.

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Thu Jun 2 12:47:27 BST 2011

John Woodhouse posted on Thu, 02 Jun 2011 01:38:01 -0700 as excerpted:

> One aspect - the script will be run via a desktop icon which I assume
> means a .desktop file to activate it running in the console. That means
> the shell will flash up briefly which is rather untidy. Maybe there is
> no need to use run in console?. But I wondered if there was a run in
> console option to stop it from displaying. I vaguely recollect some
> mention of achieving that on 3.x

You're right about the no need to use run in terminal (console implies non-
X, terminal implies konsole/xterm or some other X based terminal window, 
it's the latter that's in question here and I just checked the option in 
kde to be sure, at least here, 4.6.3, it's run in terminal), in that case.

You only need the run in terminal (whether X app or not, you can use the 
checkbox to get the STDOUT/STDERR out of an X/KDE app if you want...) if 
you want to see the output (STDOUT/STDERR, tho you could of course 
redirect them to a file instead, thus avoiding the need for terminal in 
that case) or the app needs terminal STDIN (a bit more problematic, unless 
you can predict the input effectively enough to use redirection from a 
file for it as well).  If you don't need those resources you don't need 
run in terminal, and thus don't get the momentary terminal popup.

> PS Duncan I do believe my xorg.conf is indented. The forum posts
> removed the indentations. It would be rather unusual for me not to do it
> that way. I should have use the code option in the post.

I was wondering what kind of crazy documentation or tool you used that 
didn't describe or create an indented xorg.conf...  But the forum software 
reformatting it does explain...

Meanwhile, are you going to try omitting the various sections as 
suggested, or are you taking an "if it works, don't break it" attitude?  
The don't break what's working stance is certainly a valid choice, but if 
you do try it without those sections, I'd appreciate it if you posted your 
results, confirming or disproving my suspicions.

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