Running dolphin from a shell script and opening it in a specific directory.

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at
Thu Jun 2 14:30:10 BST 2011

> Meanwhile, are you going to try omitting the various sections  as 
> suggested, or are you taking an "if it works, don't break it"  attitude?  
> The don't break what's working stance is certainly a valid  choice, but if 
> you do try it without those sections, I'd appreciate it if  you posted your 
> results, confirming or disproving my suspicions.
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When the nvidia drivers are installed even with their own .run files rather than 
an rpm a separate utility run file is generate to produce the xorg.conf file.  I 
use a mix of old and new in some ways. As a for instance I use a now very old 
compaq plug in keyboard and a wireless mouse.

I have adopted the if it works leave it alone. The only problem was the lack of 
the edid for self configuration. I will try omitting sections later when I have 
the rest of the machine ok for me but suspect nvidia will have done what it 
needs to do. Immediate problem is the nas. Sorting out just what else in the 
samba,netbios,ldap etc etc line it needs will take some time.

White space can be peculiar on some systems so I normally take the precaution of 
not using tabs other than those that generate spaces. In this case I didn't 
bother to find out just what kwrite uses. As to indent style personally I 
dislike small indents some what intensely. A result of being paid to write 
software on and off for 15 odd years and solidly for another 15+. All in the 
same company. ;-) We all develop our own preferences.


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