Running dolphin from a shell script and opening it in a specific directory.

Alex Schuster wonko at
Thu Jun 2 00:03:50 BST 2011

John Woodhouse asks:

> Just how do I do this?
> I have already tried just typing dolphin in the console and it comes up
> with loads and loads of soprano errors preceded by dolphin (6667) but
> does launch. I need it to open pointing at a specific directory from a
> bash script at the point just before it exits.

Here I don't get any messages at all. Strange.
And when I give directories as arguments, they are opened, in tabs if there 
are more than one. With the --select option, you can also specify files, 
those will be selected.

> Also be interested in any example type web pages on this subject and more
> info on the general aspects of scripting KDE. 

I'm also interested about examples of scripting KDE. You can do many cool 
things via dbus, but I don't know yet how.

> This script must run from
> the bash shell. One aspect of that is how to stop the shell flashing up
> briefly?

Don't know what you mean by that.

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