KDEPIM 4.6 prob^Wimpressions

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat Jul 23 23:39:33 BST 2011

Alex Schuster posted on Sat, 23 Jul 2011 22:11:20 +0200 as excerpted:

> The system was running at 100% for the whole night, nepomukservices was
> using 70% of one of my two cores, accumulating nine hours of CPU time.
> virtuoso_t consumed around 45%. Strigi is disabled. Logging out took 1-2
> minutes, of course also plasma crashed.
> Nepomuk kept doing stuff even after logout, so I killed it. It did not
> start again then, and I got a notification that nepomuk indexing has
> been disabled.
> or something, the notification button on the systray does not react, so
> I cannot look up the exact error. When I run the Akonadi selftest, there
> is one error, Nepomuk service not registered a D-Bus. But at least it
> doesn't hog resources now.

Those sound familiar.  There's two bits to it, something from *base (IDR 
whether tech- or user-), and my own bit.

1) In the krunner config, turn off the contacts (IDR whether it's just 
contacts or just kopete contacts, but I have both off but I don't even 
have kopete installed, so...) and nepomuk desktop search runners.  This 
is the workaround suggested by *base to the nepomuk/virtuoso_t consuming 
100% cpu problem, which is thus obviously a known issue.

2) I turned off nepomuk entirely (not just strigi), here.  That causes 
dire looking warning notifications (three of them in short succession, 
here) a bit after startup, perhaps 2-5 minutes, and the akonadi self-test 
error you mention, but I've yet to see any other issues from it.  
However, from what Kevin says, it may kill search in kmail.  Seems to be 
true as I just tested it and while the search GUI still works, it doesn't 
seem to actually turn up any hits even when I have one of them being 
viewed in the message pane right then.

But I rarely enough use that, perhaps once or twice a year, that I've not 
missed it.  In general, that's why I have filters pre-sorting my mail 
into various bins/folders as it comes in, so I can go directly to the 
appropriate mail folder and find whatever message I might be thinking 
about with a minimum of time and fuss, and without requiring constant 
resource usage during the 90% of the time plus that I'm NOT working on 
mail and 99.9% plus that I'm not trying to do a mail search.

If necessary, I can always grep the appropriate maildirs.  (... Or more 
likely mc-find-files, does the kde find files functionality even work at 
all any more without nepomuk, etc, enabled?  I wouldn't know as I pretty-
much-never use it either.)  That might take a few minutes, especially if 
they're not cached, but I can do something else while it's working, and 
don't have to worry about all the resources (memory, disk-space and cpu 
cycles, all three) nepomuk, etc, use otherwise.

I wonder if I'll ever be able to properly entirely disable this semantic 
desktop stuff and uninstall it.  Gentoo/kde seems to oscillate to some 
degree on the matter, making it mandatory as kde upstream introduces new 
features the gentoo/kde people haven't figured out how to properly 
disable yet, eventually figuring out how to disable it, just in time for 
upstream to add another such feature triggering the mandatory enabling 
again.  It's not like I've ever found it worth even a small fraction of 
the hassle it has caused, nor is it like people were dying without it on 
kde3.  I used to have an I'll wait-and-see attitude, but it has been 
years now, and the stuff still does that 100% cpu thing if you let it, 
and takes gigs of space, all to avoid a few minutes of wait a year, 
instead replacing it with hours of hassle in the same year, due to 
crashes and lost work and running out of room on /home due to gigs of 
data indexes, and discussing all of that here with others experiencing 
similar issues, only sometimes worse than mine!  At some point, one 
simply decides it's not worth it any more, and I guess I've reached that 

Maybe when 4.7 release comes out (the ebuilds are already in the 
overlay), I'll try USE=-semantic-desktop again and see how far I get...

... Actually just tried USE=-semantic-desktop emerge -pNuD @world and 
still (4.6.95/kdepim-4.6.1) get an emerge error saying kmail requires 
that flag for kdepim-libs... probably for the same reason I get the 
useless protest notifications from akonadi about nepomuk being disabled.  
So looks like I can't turn it off entirely, but perhaps I could do it 
with only kdepimlibs having it on, via package.use.

If that works, perhaps I'll try hacking the kmail ebuild to kill its 
kdepimlibs USE=semantic-desktop requirement... or at least see what the 
flag actually controls in kdepimlibs and likely whether kmail will even 
build without it.  I already have it on my list to examine why kmail 
requires korganizer and try to hack that out if possible, since right now 
that's an extra package that I don't use that I'm having to keep 
updated.  Kevin says as far as he knows, korganizer isn't a necessary 
dependency in kde-upstream, but obviously kde/gentoo thinks its necessary 
for something, and it may indeed be necessary for some header or the 
like, as gentoo splits the packages.

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