Plasma hangs, could not log in

Alex Schuster wonko at
Wed Jul 20 16:32:55 BST 2011

Anne Wilson writes:
> On Wednesday, July 20, 2011 02:06:51 AM Alex Schuster wrote:
> > Hi there!
> > 
> > Me again. Sorry :)  But today I spent over 3 hours until I was able to
> > log into KDE again. So I'm asking if something similar has ever
> > happend to you.
> > 
> > Normally, when logging in, the splash screen appears for a few (maybe
> > ten) seconds, then it fades out into black, and it takes a little
> > while until auto-started applications appear. The background stays black
> > for 2-3 minutes, and finally all the plasma stuff appears. Before this,
> > the plasma-desktop process runs at 100% on one of my two cores.
> Recently I had a similar experience, in that the bootup sequence never
> finished.

Did you also get the black screen, and nothing else happened from then on?

> After fiddlingfor a while I did the obvious - renamed ~/.,kde
> and got a clean kde.  I then copied back the essetials such as my mail
> configurations and ignored application and desktop (read desktop effects,
> etc.) altogether.  Those are easily fixed as you come across things. 
> I've had no problem since.  Clearly something had either become corrupted
> or carried over where there was an incompatibility.

I hate to do this. Sure, it would help, as I was able to log in with a test 
user, but configuring things back as they were takes quite a while. And I 
didn't know beforehand it would take so long. I hoped I'd find the problem 
soon, remove the offending program or plasmoid, and all would be fine. I had 
similar problems in the past, and could solve them this way. Like the 
dreaded bug that made the password dialog useless when it was set to display 
three stars per key pressed. 
Then I would report the bug, someone would fix it, and it would never happen 
again. The problem was that it does not look like there's a single plasmoid 
being responsible for this, which was unexpected.

> > Ctrl-C in the Akregator main tab does not work. Akregator makes
> > Kontact crash about four times per day.
> Check for updates.  I saw that a while back, but it doesn't happen now, so
> it's almost certainly version or distro-version specific.

The Ctrl-C thing? This happens when an article is opened in a tab and I 
select some text. The alternative shortcut Ctrl-Insert works neither. But 
the context menu works. I'm running 1.7.0 on Gentoo Linux. 

> > resolution, this also might mess up your desktop. And some more which
> > I forgot. And that's only the bugs _I_ experience.
> Many of those things have already been addressed.  Yes, any database that
> attempts to index everything is going to be big.  The KMail issue, though,
> I consider to be more serious.  I take it that you are using the
> experimental KMail2?

Right. I thought it was considered stable by the KDE folks? I'm running the 
~amd64 branch of packagers, that is, they are not well tested on Gentoo 
Linux, but are considered stable by upstream. At least that's how I 
understand it.

> I understand that IMAP and DIMAP have been merged,
> and I assume that that means DIMAP (downloaded) in every case.  I'm not
> too happy about that myself.

Well, at least it gives me a backup in case my IMAP provider's server dies, 
or when I'm offline. I was just surprised about the amount of data, when my 
backup partition ran full due to some extra gigabytes that were needed. And 
the backup runs much longer now. But it's a minor problem, I can well live 
with that.

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