Plasma hangs, could not log in

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Wed Jul 20 19:03:28 BST 2011

On Wednesday, July 20, 2011 04:32:55 PM Alex Schuster wrote:
> Anne Wilson writes:
> > 
> > Recently I had a similar experience, in that the bootup sequence never
> > finished.
> Did you also get the black screen, and nothing else happened from then on?
No, in my case KDE started to load - I saw the icons begin to appear, but when 
it got to the K icon it just stuck there.

> > After fiddlingfor a while I did the obvious - renamed ~/.,kde
> > and got a clean kde.  I then copied back the essetials such as my mail
> > configurations and ignored application and desktop (read desktop effects,
> > etc.) altogether.  Those are easily fixed as you come across things.
> > I've had no problem since.  Clearly something had either become corrupted
> > or carried over where there was an incompatibility.
> I hate to do this. Sure, it would help, as I was able to log in with a test
> user, but configuring things back as they were takes quite a while. And I
> didn't know beforehand it would take so long. I hoped I'd find the problem
> soon, remove the offending program or plasmoid, and all would be fine. I
> had similar problems in the past, and could solve them this way. Like the
> dreaded bug that made the password dialog useless when it was set to
> display three stars per key pressed.
> Then I would report the bug, someone would fix it, and it would never
> happen again. The problem was that it does not look like there's a single
> plasmoid being responsible for this, which was unexpected.
I talked with the Fedora packagers, and we went through such things as 
clearing out caches, but to no avail.  There comes a time when getting a 
serviceable desktop as quickly as possible is the imperative.  I would much 
prefer to have found the cause, but my friends at Fedora agreed that we had 
tried everything that stood a good chance of telling us something useful, so I 
made the decision to get back to work.

> > > Ctrl-C in the Akregator main tab does not work. Akregator makes
> > > Kontact crash about four times per day.
> > 
> > Check for updates.  I saw that a while back, but it doesn't happen now,
> > so it's almost certainly version or distro-version specific.
> The Ctrl-C thing? 

No, the constant crashes.  It drove me wild for a while, but it's OK now.

> > Many of those things have already been addressed.  Yes, any database that
> > attempts to index everything is going to be big.  The KMail issue,
> > though, I consider to be more serious.  I take it that you are using the
> > experimental KMail2?
> Right. I thought it was considered stable by the KDE folks? I'm running the
> ~amd64 branch of packagers, that is, they are not well tested on Gentoo
> Linux, but are considered stable by upstream. At least that's how I
> understand it.
No, it is considered stable enough for early adopters to do the final testing 
- and there have been many more problems than the devs had experienced 
themselves.  It has been suggested that deleting any existing Akonadi database 
might help in a lot of cases.  It seems that people have tried the pre-
releases and may well have some incompatibilities hanging around from those 
earlier releases, but I assume that this is not the case for you.

Before reading this I was under the impression that only Arch had put KMail2 
into the main repos - but even then someone said it was tagged as not being 
mainstream - sorry, I can't remember what they call it.  Certainly most 
distros have KMail2 firmly in the unstable repos, for testers only.

> > I understand that IMAP and DIMAP have been merged,
> > and I assume that that means DIMAP (downloaded) in every case.  I'm not
> > too happy about that myself.
> Well, at least it gives me a backup in case my IMAP provider's server dies,
> or when I'm offline. I was just surprised about the amount of data, when my
> backup partition ran full due to some extra gigabytes that were needed. And
> the backup runs much longer now. But it's a minor problem, I can well live
> with that.
Yes, it would be nice to know these things before-hand - would save a lot of 
worrying and wondering.

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