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Alex Schuster wonko at wonkology.org
Wed Jul 13 21:47:36 BST 2011

Jerome Yuzyk writes:

> On Wednesday, July 13, 2011 01:07:31 PM Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at cox.net>
> wrote:

> It was a plasmoid, whatever replaced the pre-KDE4 Desktop, but didn't
> cover the whole Desktop surface. Problem is, it's not on the Panel
> anymore since I had to restart Plasma so I don't know where to drop it
> from.

Strange, I don't see why it should have disappeared from the panel.

> I run my Panel vertically on the left of the screen. One day I noticed he
> Desktop area had what looked like a scrollbar on the left side it so I
> tried it but I guess I inadvertently dragged whatever I thought was the
> scrollbar enough onto the Panel that it iconified there. Then when I tried
> to use the icon to put things back Plasma went into a 100% CPU spin and I
> had to kill and restart it and neither the icon nor my Desktop came back.

The joy of KDE4 plasma....
But you can easily recreate the folder plasmoid. Click the cashew on the 
very top right of your screen (unlock the widgets before if you do not see 
it), and select the first menu entry. Something like 'Add mini-programs'. 
You will get a list of available plasmoids no the bottom of the screen, look 
for the folder plasmoid (I guess it's called like that). Drag it to the 
desktop. It probably already shows your desktop folder. If not, open its 
settings by clicking the monkey wrench symbol on the handle that appears 
when you are over the plasmoid, there you can select the directory. BTW, I 
like to have several of those folder plasmoids, pointing to different 

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