Calendar widget broken in 4.7?

phanisvara das listmail at
Wed Jul 13 16:37:03 BST 2011

On Wed, 13 Jul 2011 20:06:20 +0530, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> wrote:

> (After doing so...)
>No, still get the blank right side.  Maybe because it expects a second
> language and I don't have any configured.  Or maybe because it's getting
> config from elsewhere.  I could strace it and see, but it's not /that/
> big a deal, since I only call up the window on demand anyway.

i think it's because the plasmoid is meant to work with akonadi enabled. they provide the space, and if it's not used, it's empty.

on my distro (openSUSE) plasma clocks & calendars won't even work without akonadi; to make them work, one has to set a config option in the ~rc file under ~/.kde4/share/config. perhaps you can look into these config files (calendar and/or clock) and see if you find an option that, upon disabling, makes that empty space disappear.

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