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Eric egriffith92 at
Sun Jul 10 22:48:15 BST 2011

The one big change from 4.7 that im looking forward to (hence the
kubuntu ppa to get it as fast as possible) Is the rewrite of the
effects engine to use OpenGL ES. Should speed things up quite a bit;
hell I might even be able to play 3D games with effects turned on come
release time haha.

Just of curiousity, what distro do you use, Duncan? I'm looking for a
really nice KDE distro, right now ive got Suse and PCLinuxOS in VM's
and im testing them out. The one thing I do like about Kubuntu is that
with ppa's I can have like any package I want but I hate how outdated
some things are, like the kernel and powertop (im a laptop user)

On Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 5:39 PM, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> wrote:
> Eric posted on Sun, 10 Jul 2011 16:06:29 -0400 as excerpted:
>> Its always the simple things isnt it? Ah well, theme's working awesome
>> (minus some graphical corruption with window decorations but im gonna
>> play around with Xorg.conf to try to figure that out. Honestly; a reboot
>> is probably the last thing I would've tried to try and get theme to work
>> correctly haha, im actually surprised though that KDE doesn't do an
>> entire desktop wide "refresh" when the theme changes, just to load, what
>> would be NOW, the 'damages' to the windows and to plasma has a whole.
> Agreed, but note that a reboot isn't necessary.  Restarting kde works but
> isn't necessary either.  All that's necessary is restarting plasma-
> desktop.
> FWIW, plasma is still under HEAVY development, tho.  4.7 is supposed to
> bring a some big changes, including I believe, the full per-activity
> application thing.  (There were tiny hints of it in 4.6, the to activity
> entry paralleling to desktop in the window menu if you have multiple
> activities configured, etc, but that by itself wasn't enough to be
> terribly useful, yet.)  4.5 was really when it finally got the basics
> down and stable enough to be what I'd describe as a stable replacement
> for kde3, and 4.6 I think had some under-the-hood stuff for the next
> feature leap, but there wasn't a whole lot in the GUI, yet.  So I'm
> really looking forward to 4.7, in that regard.  (And also because the
> early 4.6 series had some nasty issues that I've worked around now so I
> can't be really sure whether they're gone or not, but I'll be glad for it
> to be history, for sure.)
> If I read the release schedule correctly, 4.6.95 (4.7-rc2) was supposed
> to have been released last week, and I was all set to try it, but it
> appears that I either read things wrong or it was delayed a week.  I
> often run betas of selected packages or even live development versions,
> but early kde4 was so bad even the releases were barely alpha quality.
> So I've not dared try the stuff they didn't consider even release
> quality.  But I thought I'd try rc2 at least, this time, and see how it
> went, then maybe rc1 or even beta2 next cycle.  So I didn't upgrade to
> 4.6.5.  But it seems like I have a few more days... they've released rc1
> to the distros but not to the public, yet.
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