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Felix Miata posted on Mon, 04 Jul 2011 21:38:29 -0400 as excerpted:

> On 2011/07/05 01:07 (GMT) Duncan composed:
>> I know, but it's a usage issue with pan (my client).
> I've never used any email program that doesn't refuse to automatically
> wrap a long, whitespace-free line beginning with the character ">". Did
> you try doing nothing more than prepending > directly to http://? If so
> and failed and I wanted to keep using it, I'd be all over its devs about
> inability to not wrap long URLs. It's so unnecessary.

Well, pan normally rewraps quotes too, in case they exceed the 80-char 
limit, if wrapping is turned on.  Note how it wrapped yours in the my 
earlier reply.

But I haven't actually tried it with > recently and there were some quite 
recent modifications to the way it handled quotes, so let me see (link 
from earlier in the thread)... wrapped, unfortunately.


FWIW, tho, I read/reply for all my lists using gmane's list2news gateway 
located at, and pan is a newsgroup client, not a mail 
client (it hands any direct mail replies off to the configured mail 
client), tho mail and news formats are basically the same except for a 
few standard headers so that matters little to nothing in context.

And I agree about the necessity, but pan development was only recently 
was resurrected from the dead (with a new set of devs) and they have 
their hands a bit full ATM.  However, it's on my list to ask them about 
when I get a chance, as there's a reasonable chance that the new 
developer eyes and brains will see the problem a bit differently.

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