Anyone know how to figure out what packages Kaffeine3 really depends on?

Peter Nikolic p.nikolic1 at
Mon Jul 4 07:51:30 BST 2011

On Monday 04 July 2011 02:55:28 Felix Miata wrote:
> On openSUSE 11.4 I want Kaffeine to be able to directly play isos made from
> DVDs. Is this possible? If so, what does it take? I tried to have YaST2
> install it, but it wants to install kitchen sinks, bathtubs and garages as
> well, and I don't want to be constantly updating lebenty bazillion Packman
> things never used, nor wasting disk space on them.
> I have win32codecs, libavcodecs, libxine1-codecs, libdvdcss2 & mpeg2demux &
> its 3 *boost* deps installed. The fault window is currently complaining
> about missing demux, but also saying found input plugin without naming
> whatever it is.

Hi .

Pull Kaffeine off pacman  it just works . the navitve version supplied by most 
distro's seem brain dead some leagal clap trap  somewhere i know it get up my 
nose big time .

I use kafeine all the time  i also have vlc very poor when put alongside 


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