Anyone know how to figure out what packages Kaffeine3 really depends on?

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Mon Jul 4 19:05:00 BST 2011

Felix Miata posted on Mon, 04 Jul 2011 02:55:12 -0400 as excerpted:

> On 2011/07/04 05:41 (GMT) Duncan composed:
>> kaffeine for kde4 (that is, probably 1.1 or 1.2.something, depending on
>> how close to upstream they stick for updates between OpenSuSE
>> releases), would be FAR less dependencies, presuming you already have
>> kde4 installed as I expect you do or you'd be unlikely to be posting
>> hereo be so.
>>>  Dragonplayer built into what? I never hear of it before.
>>>  zypper in dragonplayer wanted to install 36 packages.
>> Dragonplayer is the media-player that comes with a full kde install.
> You mean a full KDE4 install?

Yes.  Being a kde list, and kde3 being officially unsupported (except by 
the trinity project, but that's a separate project that presumably has 
its own lists), kde4 would be the assumption.

> This is one of many multiboot systems in the building, but rebuilt
> specifically for use with my TV by minimally installing WinXP, oS 11.4 &
> oS 12.1. I started by refurbing a 6 year old Dell compact with 3.0GHz
> P4HT, then doing the minimal installs to poke for possible hardware
> problems. I still have yet to configure any users, wanting to first make
> sure everything that needs to work works. Consequently, I've installed
> virtually no software as yet on XP in order to prevent need to first
> configure user data on E:. The last system I used for the TV was just a
> bit short on video capability for smooth video.

That explains...  FWIW, MS pushing me off of proprietary OSs with the 
anti-features added to XP was a turning point for me.  And I finally 
stopped even trying to support MS platforms at all a couple years ago, as 
it was getting more and more awkward to even try, and I wasn't getting 
either joy or money from doing so, and had no real interest in doing it 
for money, due to the lack of joy.  If it's a generic problem like IPv4 
principles or the like then I can still try to help, otherwise, people 
simply have to look elsewhere for their MS platform help, and both them 
and I are happier for it.

But you said multi-boot, and there's a bit more possible on the OpenSuSE 
side.  (I guess that's what you mean by oS; initially I thought you were 
referring to Apple/OSX or some such, until I remembered the context.)

> The first obstacle was lack of keyboard & mouse ports. There hasn't been
> a decent keyboard built in over two decades that wasn't insanely priced.
> I tried installing a PS/2 port PCI card, but it turns out those things
> are not real PS/2 ports, that is, they can't get you through a boot
> loader menu or into the PC BIOS.

I could have told you that was very likely the case, particularly at the 
BIOS level.  Onboard BIOS pretty much supports only the built-in stuff.  
Some PCI cards have their own BIOS supporting firmware as well, but it's 
not going to be as common for non-storage I/O cards (USB/ps2/parallel/
serial/firewire), particularly at the low end, as that firmware adds /
significant/ development and support costs to what is otherwise a pretty 
standard throw-a-few-commodity-parts-on-a-board for a couple bucks of 
hardware cost.  There's likely cards out there that will do it, but 
expect to pay for them... unless you're lucky enough to be able to 
scavenge them somewhere, but that's unlikely for ps/2 ports, as by the 
time they became popular, putting them onboard the mainboard was a 
cheaper solution.

> So, I'm stuck for the moment using a
> junk keyboard, and thus stifled from making a whole lot of progress.

FWIW, you might consider my keyboard junk, but it does sort of fit the 
"insanely priced" category, tho it's somewhat commodity still, and it 
anyway works well for me.  For anything serious, I really do need an 
ergonomic keyboard, and I like wireless, so I invested in a Logitech 
cordless desktop pro.  It has lots of extra media and internet buttons 
(which Linux supports well, tho until they was standardized, the extra 
key syms/names changed a few times over the years), and came with a 
wireless mouse that I couldn't use as I needed a trackball, but at least 
the dual keyboard/mouse receiver works for the Logitech wireless 
trackball I have as well.  Retail at Fry's Electronics was $100 (99.99).

It's reasonably large and has good enough "action" for me, but it's a 
membrane keyboard.  I'm on my second after the AC dripped on one and 
ruined the membrane circuits, and I'd be on my third (I don't know what 
happened to it, unless it was simply atmospheric moisture over a few 
years, one day several keys simply didn't work right), but decided a 
pcboard circuit repair pen at (IIRC) $15 was a smarter option than a new 
keyboard at $100, and I was right.  I retraced the damaged circuits and 
got the bad keys working again.  Not something I'd expect from a $100 
keyboard, which for the price should be able to go thru the dishwasher, 
dry out, and work again, but what can I say?  It works for me and is 
durable enough... as long as it doesn't get wet.

> Anyway, after the minimal installs, I did Windows updates first to give
> the hardware some more runtime. Then I set installRecommends=no in
> zypper.conf,
> and started adding individual packages I knew I would use. So far this
> excludes 100% of KDE4, and includes only as much of KDE3 as I know I'll
> use for a home theater TV. Space so far used on 11.4 / is a mere 2.3G,
> on 12.1 / 2.0G, WinXP D: (OS/software drive) 2.4G.
> Now that I've seen SMPlayer play I can see the video hardware (i945G)
> seems adequate.


> doesn't seem to have a pointer to any mailing list. Do you know if there
> is one?

I haven't had to use one, but let me see...

Gentoo's ebuild lists a different homepage, .  
Both pages link to the web-forums (but I don't blame you for preferring 
mailing lists or newsgroups, I prefer the latter, but generally the 
former is acceptable if the list is on or can be added to gmane's
list2news service), and berlios links to the sourceforge wiki too, but I 
see no mention of mailing lists.

It's possible the underlying mplayer has mailing lists, tho.

Meanwhile, it looks like there's a windows version available as well, if 
you can fit it, and there's extra themes, too, tho it's possible the 
OpenSuSE package installs them already.  The sourceforge download page 
has both, if you're looking to fill up that extra tenth of a gig and need 
more... -;^)  Might be nice to be able to use smplayer from any of your 
multi-boots.  The question would appear to be one of space, however.

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