Anyone know how to figure out what packages Kaffeine3 really depends on?

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Mon Jul 4 07:55:12 BST 2011

On 2011/07/04 05:41 (GMT) Duncan composed:

> kaffeine for kde4 (that is, probably 1.1 or 1.2.something, depending on
> how close to upstream they stick for updates between OpenSuSE releases),
> would be FAR less dependencies, presuming you already have kde4 installed
> as I expect you do or you'd be unlikely to be posting hereo be so.

>>  Dragonplayer built into what? I never hear of it before.

>>  zypper in dragonplayer wanted to install 36 packages.
> Dragonplayer is the media-player that comes with a full kde install.

You mean a full KDE4 install?

This is one of many multiboot systems in the building, but rebuilt 
specifically for use with my TV by minimally installing WinXP, oS 11.4 & oS 
12.1. I started by refurbing a 6 year old Dell compact with 3.0GHz P4HT, then 
doing the minimal installs to poke for possible hardware problems. I still 
have yet to configure any users, wanting to first make sure everything that 
needs to work works. Consequently, I've installed virtually no software as 
yet on XP in order to prevent need to first configure user data on E:. The 
last system I used for the TV was just a bit short on video capability for 
smooth video.

The first obstacle was lack of keyboard & mouse ports. There hasn't been a 
decent keyboard built in over two decades that wasn't insanely priced. I 
tried installing a PS/2 port PCI card, but it turns out those things are not 
real PS/2 ports, that is, they can't get you through a boot loader menu or 
into the PC BIOS. So, I'm stuck for the moment using a junk keyboard, and 
thus stifled from making a whole lot of progress.

Anyway, after the minimal installs, I did Windows updates first to give the 
hardware some more runtime. Then I set installRecommends=no in zypper.conf, 
and started adding individual packages I knew I would use. So far this 
excludes 100% of KDE4, and includes only as much of KDE3 as I know I'll use 
for a home theater TV. Space so far used on 11.4 / is a mere 2.3G, on 12.1 / 
2.0G, WinXP D: (OS/software drive) 2.4G.

Now that I've seen SMPlayer play I can see the video hardware (i945G) seems 
doesn't seem to have a pointer to any mailing list. Do you know if there is one?
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