Anyone know how to figure out what packages Kaffeine3 really depends on?

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Mon Jul 4 05:38:10 BST 2011

On 2011/07/04 03:15 (GMT) Duncan composed:

> Felix Miata posted:

>>  On openSUSE 11.4 I want Kaffeine to be able to directly play isos made
>>  from DVDs. Is this possible? If so, what does it take? I tried to have
>>  YaST2 install it, but it wants to install kitchen sinks, bathtubs and
>>  garages as well, and I don't want to be constantly updating lebenty
>>  bazillion Packman things never used, nor wasting disk space on them.

>>  I have win32codecs, libavcodecs, libxine1-codecs, libdvdcss2&
>>  mpeg2demux&
>>  its 3 *boost* deps installed. The fault window is currently complaining
>>  about missing demux, but also saying found input plugin without naming
>>  whatever it is.

> Kaffeine3?  Where'd you get that version number?  The latest both on the
> site ( and here on gentoo is 1.2.2 (released 2011.04.17,
> 1.2.0 was 2011.04.04).

> Or do you mean the last kde3-based release, 0.8.8 (released 2009.05.23)?

> I gave up on kaffeine when it was still beta for kde4...
> I needed a decent non-kde3-based media player as I was removing kde3 from
> my system, and kaffeine clearly wasn't it, at that point, as it was
> basically the same as the low-feature built-in dragonplayer, etc.

Dragonplayer built into what? I never hear of it before.

zypper in dragonplayer wanted to install 36 packages.

> So I switched to the mplayer- and qt4-based smplayer, which I've been
> quite happy with BTW and which if anything, has even MORE features than
> kaffeine for kde3 did.  I was just playing DVDs straight off the ISO
> image (I have them saved to my computer) to test some graphics config
> changes the other day, and I've played the physical DVDs themselves
> before as well, tho not nearly as recently.

I was only trying Kaffeine because I thought a KDE native would most likely 
be next best thing to VLC.

zypper in smplayer only wanted to install 13 packages, so I removed 
everything installed explicitly for kaffeine, then installed smplayer. It 
seems good as VLC ever was. Thanks!

2011-07-03 20:25:50|install|libdvdcss2||i586|Libdvdcss
2011-07-03 20:27:19|install|kde3-kaffeine|0.8.8-51.1|i586|KDE3
2011-07-03 20:27:23|install|kde3-kaffeine-lang|0.8.8-51.1|noarch||KDE3
2011-07-03 20:30:29|install|w32codec-all||i586|Packman
2011-07-03 20:32:34|install|libavcodec53||i586||Packman
2011-07-03 20:32:36|install|libxine1-codecs||i586|Packman
2011-07-03 20:53:45|install|boost-license1_44_0|1.44.0-5.1|noarch||OSS
2011-07-03 20:53:46|install|libboost_system1_44_0|1.44.0-5.1|i586||OSS
2011-07-03 20:53:46|install|libboost_filesystem1_44_0|1.44.0-5.1|i586||OSS
2011-07-03 20:53:48|install|mpeg2demux||i586|Packman
2011-07-03 23:21:28|remove |libxine1-codecs||i586
2011-07-03 23:21:28|remove |mpeg2demux||i586
2011-07-03 23:21:28|remove |libavcodec53||i586
2011-07-03 23:21:29|remove |libboost_filesystem1_44_0|1.44.0-5.1|i586|
2011-07-03 23:21:29|remove |libboost_system1_44_0|1.44.0-5.1|i586
2011-07-03 23:21:29|remove |boost-license1_44_0|1.44.0-5.1|noarch
2011-07-03 23:21:29|remove |kde3-kaffeine-lang|0.8.8-51.1|noarch
2011-07-03 23:21:29|remove |kde3-kaffeine|0.8.8-51.1|i586|
2011-07-03 23:27:30|install|libvdpau1|0.4.1-10.6|i586||OSS
2011-07-03 23:27:30|install|liblzo2-2|2.04-14.1|i586||OSS
2011-07-03 23:27:30|install|libesd0|0.2.41-12.1|i586||OSS
2011-07-03 23:27:30|install|libdv4|1.0.0-155.1|i586||OSS
2011-07-03 23:27:31|install|libdirac_decoder0|1.0.2-12.1|i586||OSS
2011-07-03 23:27:31|install|libcrystalhd3|3.6.4-4.1|i586||OSS
2011-07-03 23:27:31|install|giflib|4.1.6-20.1|i586||OSS
2011-07-03 23:27:31|install|libfaac0||i586||Packman
2011-07-03 23:27:31|install|libbs2b0||i586||Packman
2011-07-03 23:27:31|install|libmpg123-0||i586||Packman
2011-07-03 23:27:31|install|libbluray0||i586||Packman
2011-07-03 23:27:35|install|MPlayer||i586||Packman
2011-07-03 23:27:36|install|smplayer||i586|Packman
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