Anyone know how to figure out what packages Kaffeine3 really depends on?

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Mon Jul 4 04:15:42 BST 2011

Felix Miata posted on Sun, 03 Jul 2011 21:55:28 -0400 as excerpted:

> On openSUSE 11.4 I want Kaffeine to be able to directly play isos made
> from DVDs. Is this possible? If so, what does it take? I tried to have
> YaST2 install it, but it wants to install kitchen sinks, bathtubs and
> garages as well, and I don't want to be constantly updating lebenty
> bazillion Packman things never used, nor wasting disk space on them.
> I have win32codecs, libavcodecs, libxine1-codecs, libdvdcss2 &
> mpeg2demux &
> its 3 *boost* deps installed. The fault window is currently complaining
> about missing demux, but also saying found input plugin without naming
> whatever it is.

Kaffeine3?  Where'd you get that version number?  The latest both on the 
site ( and here on gentoo is 1.2.2 (released 2011.04.17, 
1.2.0 was 2011.04.04).

Or do you mean the last kde3-based release, 0.8.8 (released 2009.05.23)?

I gave up on kaffeine when it was still beta for kde4 and lacking all 
sorts of features that were in the kde3 version, late in the kde 4.2 or 
early in the 4.3 era, when kde had dropped support for kde3, despite the 
fact that kde4 was still clearly beta at best (despite their claim to the 
contrary), but I still switched as 3.5.10 was the last version they were 
doing and 3.5 simply wasn't supported any longer (again, despite very 
public promises to the contrary, that it would be supported as long as 
there were users!).

I needed a decent non-kde3-based media player as I was removing kde3 from 
my system, and kaffeine clearly wasn't it, at that point, as it was 
basically the same as the low-feature built-in dragonplayer, etc.

So I switched to the mplayer- and qt4-based smplayer, which I've been 
quite happy with BTW and which if anything, has even MORE features than 
kaffeine for kde3 did.  I was just playing DVDs straight off the ISO 
image (I have them saved to my computer) to test some graphics config 
changes the other day, and I've played the physical DVDs themselves 
before as well, tho not nearly as recently.

That said, here's what the gentoo kaffeine-1.2.2 ebuild lists for 
dependencies, in addition to tho normal kde4 deps (thus including qt, X, 
etc, as well as kdelibs and solid), of course.


That's it.

Of course xine-lib pulls in all sorts of codec dependencies based on the 
USE flags (on optional deps, Gentoo normally lets the user choose at 
build-time, via what Gentoo calls USE flags).

However, there's only non-optional depends for xine (beyond X, and plus 
some only used for building, since gentoo's build-from-sources).


But it's the optional depends that kill in this case.  There's a whole 
slew of them, based on a whole slew of different USE flags.  However, as 
with many packages, if xine-lib is built against them, they tend to be 
required at runtime too (tho some of the codecs may not be).

ffmpeg deps, in turn, are similar to xine's, a huge list of optional deps, 
but for it I actually see NO required deps (beyond those in system and 
thus not listed, and make as a build-only dep).

But one of the things about binary distros is that a lot of the depends 
are optional at build-time but if built with them, the package requires 
them at runtime as well.  And binary distros tend to build in support for 
nearly everything possible in most cases (with the exception of patent 
encumbered codecs, etc, sometimes), so in turn require all sorts of run-
time dependencies that were linked at build-time so are required to run.  
That's one of the bonuses of a from-source system like Gentoo's, the user 
gets to choose the optional deps because they build the packages, tho 
Gentoo pretty much automates the process with ebuilds, so all the user 
ends up having to do is set the general USE flags they want if they apply 
to a package, and if they want different for an individual package, 
change it for that specific package only.  So the system doesn't tend to 
have all that extra cruft unless you choose to enable it, in which case 
it's not "cruft" any more because you've specifically chosen it, 
presumably because you specifically want it.

If you want me to list all the optional and build-time deps, I can, but 
you asked about actual non-optional deps, so that's what I listed, 
skipping the build-time deps since you're on a binary distro.

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