Konqueror and Webforms - X-Button at Input Fields

Jürgen Hochwald kde at cfjh.de
Sun Jul 3 13:20:14 BST 2011

I've done a big step from Kde 3.5 (Suse 10.0) to Kde 4.6 (OpenSuse 11.4).

When I use Konquror to fill out a webform, all input fields habe now a small X 
at the right, when it already contains data. But the content ist NOT 
automatically selected when I go with <TAB> trough the fields (like Kde 3.5 
and all other bowsers), so I cannot simply type the new value. I must use the 
mouse (why, when are my fingers on the keyboard?) or use any hotkey to delete 
the old value first.
Over the time, this makes me crazy! I can't see any advantage in this 
Is there any option to change back this hehaviour like Kde 3.5 ?

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