Konqueror and Webforms - X-Button at Input Fields

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Jul 3 14:10:19 BST 2011

J├╝rgen Hochwald posted on Sun, 03 Jul 2011 14:20:14 +0200 as excerpted:

> Hello,
> I've done a big step from Kde 3.5 (Suse 10.0) to Kde 4.6 (OpenSuse
> 11.4).
> When I use Konquror to fill out a webform, all input fields habe now a
> small X at the right, when it already contains data. But the content ist
> NOT automatically selected when I go with <TAB> trough the fields (like
> Kde 3.5 and all other bowsers), so I cannot simply type the new value. I
> must use the mouse (why, when are my fingers on the keyboard?) or use
> any hotkey to delete the old value first.
> Over the time, this makes me crazy! I can't see any advantage in this
> behaviour.
> Is there any option to change back this hehaviour like Kde 3.5 ?

I know of no such option.  However, the select-all shortcut
(often ctrl-a, it is here but I've so customized stuff I long ago forgot 
whether that's the kde default or not), when in a text-entry field, 
should select the whole field.  (Elsewhere, it'll normally select the 
whole page.)

So select-all (whatever shortcut that is), delete, should work without 
havin to resort to the mouse.


After having konqueror as my default browser from kde 2.something, all 
the way thru 3.x, to early 4.6, I finally gave up and switched kde's 
default browser to firefox.  I had been thinking about it for some time, 
mostly because I run with scripting disabled by default and more and more 
sites load scripts from elsewhere, and konqueror has nothing like 
firefox's noscript extension to let me know what sites the page wants 
scripts from so I can choose to enable them manually or not (let alone 
letting me individually enable them temporarily or permanently or set 
them as untrusted, all with just a few clicks, then automatically reload 
the page when the settings change, as noscript allows).

Not everyone will find noscript as indispensable over time as I 
eventually did, but the point is, firefox has a large enough general user 
community to have a HUGE and very active extension community as well, 
while konqueror... simply doesn't... and given the chance, I expect most 
folks will find SOME extension or other for firefox, that they miss when 
running anything else.  (FWIW, chrome/chromium is getting there, but 
isn't as mature and thus doesn't have the mature extension community 
firefox does, either.)

Compound that with the fact that konqueror's share is small enough few 
sites design or test for it, and the bugs it has had with proxies, ssl 
and certificate management, and with 4.6.2, double-submission of forms, 
in the kde4 series, and I finally decided it just wasn't worth the hassle 
any longer.

It took me a bit of time to get firefox situated well as a default 
browser, and I don't expect it'll ever integrate as well into kde as 
konqueror does, because it's not part of kde like konqueror is, but it's 
nice just to have sites /work/ now, sometimes with a few noscript config 
tweaks, but no more reading sources to try to figure out what domains I 
have to activate scripting for, or (as I was doing toward the end) using 
firefox just to get them so I can set konqueror's scripting permissions 
for the needed sites accordingly!

YMMV, of course.  Konqueror may well be better for you.  But with all the 
bugs I've seen in konqueror in kde4, I've gotten the strong feeling that 
even most of the kde devs have moved on to something else, these days, 
and honestly, I wonder what sort of future konqueror has, even if it 
ultimately switches to qt-webkit for rendering.  (It's an option now, if 
you have the correct bits in place.)  I'm not telling you what to do.  
I'm telling you what I found worked best for me.  After evaluating its 
value to you, you can toss my experience/opinion in with the rest, and 
then choose what works best for you.

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