How do I restart KDM?

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Fri Feb 18 16:00:50 GMT 2011

Nikos Chantziaras posted on Fri, 18 Feb 2011 16:01:46 +0200 as excerpted:

> On 02/18/2011 12:35 PM, John Layt wrote:
>> On Friday 18 February 2011 06:59:51 Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
>>> On 02/18/2011 07:53 AM, Linus Ă–stberg wrote:
>>>> It is possible to reactivate the shortcut in xorg.conf.
>>> Yes, I've read that if I put:
>>>     Section "ServerFlags"
>>>         Option "DontZap" "false"
>>>     EndSection
>>> in xorg.conf, it will bring back the old behavior.  But it just
>>> doesn't work :-/

>> Some distro's, e.g. openSuse, require that you hit it twice in quick
>> time. Try hold down ctrl-alt then hit backspace twice quickly and see
>> if that works.

I don't use a *dm, preferring to setup the session and startx from a 
launcher script started at a CLI login, but I did occasionally find C-A-BS 
useful, back in the day...

But I hadn't read anything about the double-invoke until the above, so had 
filed it away to try, some day.  Meanwhile...

> ctrl+alt+bs doesn't work regardless how many times I trigger it (with
> ctrl+alt kept pressed or not.)
> I should also mention that since I'm using Gentoo, this is all vanilla
> KDE and X.Org.  That's why I'm hoping someone here knows a solution,
> since there are no weird disto patches applied that could get in the
> way.

Same here.

Meanwhile, I've read various hints about getting C-A-BS to work again, but 
like the above, they've always come at inconvenient times (as might be 
expected for something that aborts the entire graphical desktop and 
anything running in it... pretty much /any/ time is inconvenient, 
especially when the browser one usually uses to read such things works in 
that graphical environment and there's usually other things going at the 
same time that I don't want to terminate...), and I need the feature 
seldom enough it has always remained on the back burner...

However... there's a couple other C-A-BS tidbits filed away that could be 
useful here, and perhaps you'll find the priority to look into them and 
tell me which ones work on a Gentoo system, so I don't have to...

These are more in the form of "keys one might try adding to a google 
search" than anything specific, as at this level of mental filing, that's 
about all I retain, a couple key concepts and linkages that help start a 
google once I decide to look into it... or post hints for someone else 
too.  That's usually enough to dig up the rest if I ever decide I need it, 
without being too detailed to clog up the memory with junk I might never 
get around to needing in the first place.  So they aren't much, but 
hopefully they're helpful pointing you in the right direction to start a 
good search...

1) With all the rewriting of xorg.conf rules and the the like (and now 
with the splitting to xorg.conf.d/* files), the magic settings may have 
changed.  In at least one case, one setting ended up being controlled by 
another, with rather counterintuitive and non-normal xorg default settings 
necessary to get the originally simple feature actually working once 
again.  (IIRC, that one was in the hal/xorg era, related to turning off 
hotplugging to get the actually configured input-devs to actually take.  
IDR the details, tho if I looked at the xorg.conf (5) manpage for a few 
minutes I'd probably remember them.  But it's not really apropos to this 
thread, so...)

So #1 involves checking the manpages and/or google to ensure that there's 
no weird more global setting that has to be activated in ordered to get 
the Option DontZap False to take...

2) Someone posted, either here or in the kde-linux group/list (group on 
gmane, where I see them), a comment to the effect that there's a 
configurable kde hotkey to replace the C-A-BS now.  I remember the post 
because it sort of surprised me, but never did followup to see if there 
really was an X-abort-sequence to be configured somewhere in the kde 
keyboard shortcuts.  If my memory of the timing is correct, the post 
should be in the 4.3 era or later (it wasn't immediately when I first 
started on the kde lists, late in 4.2), and if it's 4.5 era, it would be 
early 4.5 era, so I'd say most likely mid 4.3 era to 4.5.0 era, mid 2009 
to mid 2010, timeframe.  My guess is that if there is such a kde setting, 
it may not work without a comparable xorg setting enabling it, as well, 
thus reducing discoverability as neither one would work on its own.

This is the biggest problem with these possibilities and apparently with 
the feature in general now, if a single setting doesn't seem to work 
despite what the document says it does... how many will ever find both (or 
all three, or...) at the same time?  In their attempt to idiot-proof the 
feature, they've unfortunately almost human-proofed it as well! =:^(

3) By all reports, the feature IS still available, but they've apparently 
idiot-proofed it into near extermination, since it's not active by 
default, even with the documented xorg.conf setting that both you and I 
already have.  I've always expected I'd figure it out if I actually took a 
few hours to investigate; it has simply never gotten to be sufficiently 
irritating to raise the priority high enough to get those few hours.  
Maybe if I'm lucky, the above hints will be enough for you to do the 
actual investigative work and I'll get the solution with just the few 
minutes invested in this reply (plus the few minutes required to safely 
test your solution, when you post it, of course =:^).

Meanwhile, I still miss the simple C-A-KB+/KB- resolution switching from 
before RandR!

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