knode says "Can't post to <my newsgroup>" when trying to post to comp.std.c and comp.lang.c

Johannes Schaub (litb) schaub.johannes at
Tue Feb 8 02:11:25 GMT 2011

Duncan wrote:

> Johannes Schaub \(litb\) posted on Mon, 07 Feb 2011 17:30:14 +0100 as
> excerpted:
>> I have the problem mentioned in the title. I have no idea why that
>> happens. I've been sending messages to those groups the past few months
>> without problems, but since a couple of hours, it doesn't work anymore.
>> Reading news works fine. But posting fails with the mentioned error.
>> Can anyone help me please?
> I don't use knode here (I've been a long-time pan user, and in fact use it
> to read this list/group using's list2news service), but that
> sort of issue is generally server related and may be transient -- they'll
> fix it.  Otherwise, check your server's discussion group (most have one,
> sometimes more than one, for local server related questions and
> discussion) and/or status page, they may have it posted as an issue.
> Also, check your servers subscription, perhaps yours is almost up, or your
> server or login info got screwed up in knode's config or something.

It works with thunderbird, so I think it's a knode problem :( I've really no 
idea what would cause it. 

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