knode says "Can't post to <my newsgroup>" when trying to post to comp.std.c and comp.lang.c

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Tue Feb 8 00:58:07 GMT 2011

Johannes Schaub \(litb\) posted on Mon, 07 Feb 2011 17:30:14 +0100 as

> I have the problem mentioned in the title. I have no idea why that
> happens. I've been sending messages to those groups the past few months
> without problems, but since a couple of hours, it doesn't work anymore.
> Reading news works fine. But posting fails with the mentioned error.
> Can anyone help me please?

I don't use knode here (I've been a long-time pan user, and in fact use it 
to read this list/group using's list2news service), but that 
sort of issue is generally server related and may be transient -- they'll 
fix it.  Otherwise, check your server's discussion group (most have one, 
sometimes more than one, for local server related questions and 
discussion) and/or status page, they may have it posted as an issue.  
Also, check your servers subscription, perhaps yours is almost up, or your 
server or login info got screwed up in knode's config or something.

As I don't run knode I don't know what troubleshooting/debug logging it 
has available, but you might be able to either turn that on in the options 
or run knode from a konsole window (or with STDOUT/STDERR redirected to a 
file) and get debug info printed that way.  You can also try running knode 
--help in a konsole window to see if it has debug or logging related 
commandline options you can turn on.

What you'd be looking for is the specific error the server is returning.  
That might give you more info as to why you can't post.

Alternatively, it's possible to run a manual telnet session to the server, 
debugging things that way, but that requires knowing a lot more about the 
NNTP protocol and its commands than most folks know, so I wouldn't 
recommend exploring the option unless you consider yourself quite 
technically inclined.  (IOW, people afraid of the command prompt or
hand-editing text-based config files are best forgetting this option 
entirely, as it's clearly beyond their current and near-term reasonably 
extended technical abilities.)

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