Corrupted addressbook. How to restore?

Richard Dawson rcdawson at
Sun Feb 6 01:20:10 GMT 2011

Using Mandriva 2010.2, KAddressbook 4.4.3 as part of Kontact 4.4.3.  All was 
going well until today.  Suddenly, my addressbook as become corrupted.  When I 
go to contacts I see three columns. The left column shows one addressbook 
which is selected.  The second column, which used to contain a list of names 
in the address book, now contains a list of gibberish:
......and so on.

I thought I would simply delete the addressbook, but right clicking on the 
addressbook and selecting delete addressbook does nothing.  

Right clicking and selecting Folder properties produces:

name:  Address Book
Content  137 objects
Size 0 B

Right clicking and selecting Addressbook Properties produces nothing.

What to do?  I can probably find the addressbook data that was running before I 
updated from an earlier version of Mandriva.

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