Are parallel KDE sessions safe?

Alex Schuster wonko at
Sun Feb 13 03:39:05 GMT 2011

I wrote:

> John Layt wrote:
>> On Saturday 29 January 2011 12:55:33 Alex Schuster wrote:
>>> Is it okay to run two or more parallel KDE sessions with the same user?

>> Better would be to use FreeNX to shadow your
>> existing session rather than start a new one.  If using nxclient from
>> nomachine this option is under config/desktop and choose shadow instead
>> of unix.  When connecting you'll then be given a list of existing
>> sessions to choose from, and you will then see and control exactly
>> what's on the TV screen, which is probably more useful in a media server
>> context than a separate session.
> Many thanks, John! I'm using NX for a while now, but I completely overlooked 
> this desktop shadowing stuff. It's perfect for the PC connected to the TV.
> If only it would work better.

I just found about about the x11vnc program. I was under the impression
that all VNC servers would open another display, so I could not clone
the already running KDE desktop. But this is wrong, x11vnc does this
under *nix, and just works great.

So I created .kde4/Autostart/x11vnc:

  x11vnc -usepw -display $DISPLAY

Use x11vnc -storepasswd to create ~/.vnx/passwd if you don't have one
yet. Ta-daah, now you can use any VNC client to connect to your KDE session.

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