Corrupted addressbook. How to restore?

Richard Dawson rcdawson at
Tue Feb 8 04:27:14 GMT 2011

On Saturday 05 February 2011 17:20:10 Richard Dawson wrote:
> Using Mandriva 2010.2, KAddressbook 4.4.3 as part of Kontact 4.4.3.  All
> was going well until today.  Suddenly, my addressbook as become corrupted.
>  When I go to contacts I see three columns. The left column shows one
> addressbook which is selected.  The second column, which used to contain a
> list of names in the address book, now contains a list of gibberish:
> psOFZXM34R
> QRjWQQEnr3
> ......and so on.
> I thought I would simply delete the addressbook, but right clicking on the
> addressbook and selecting delete addressbook does nothing.
> Right clicking and selecting Folder properties produces:
> name:  Address Book
> Content  137 objects
> Size 0 B
> Right clicking and selecting Addressbook Properties produces nothing.
> What to do?  I can probably find the addressbook data that was running
> before I updated from an earlier version of Mandriva.
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This problem seems to have solved itself.  Today, after a couple of days 
during which I could only find garbled addresses in the address book, I turned 
on the machine, and the addresses were back!  .....for how long I can only 

There was another strange occurrence today, and I wonder if it might be 
related to the recovery.  I booted up and got through the log in, after which  
I got a blue screen and nothing more.  I waited patiently, actually rather 
impatiently.  Pressing control-alt-delete produced the usual little shut down 
dialoge, so I rebooted.  I did this a couple of times, switching over to a 
terminal once or twice to see if I could learn anything.  I couldn't.  
Eventually one of my reboots "took," and KDE returned in all of its glory.  
Next visit to the address book was rewarded with the presence of all of my 

It had been my intention to copy over the kabc folder from the earlier "test" 
installation of Mandriva 2010.2 and see if that corrected the address book 
issue.  Now I'll never know.  Or at least I hope I have no further occasion to 
need to fix it.

Now I think I'll just leave the machine on until I can back up everything.


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