I just noticed: no more crashes! Thanks, KDE team!

Alex Schuster wonko at wonkology.org
Wed Aug 24 23:27:10 BST 2011

Hi there!

I've been sort of busy for a while, and then a little ill, so not much 
acitivity here and with KDE. But here comes an update.

Duncan wrote:

> Dotan Cohen posted on Sat, 06 Aug 2011 21:04:31 +0300 as excerpted:

> > Dolphin has the separate process option too, it's just in Konqueror.
> > From what I understand enabling this option in Konqueror enables it
> > for Dolphin as well, because the Konqueror file manager in KDE 4 is just
> > an embedded Dolphin part. I can't crash Dolphin to check, but I can tell
> > you that keeping Konqueror preloaded makes Dolphin start up much
> > faster as well.
> Thanks for pointing that out! =:^)
> Looks like between you and me, we just solved Alex's problem, as soon as
> he sets that option! =:^)

Works fine, thanks Dotan! Well, only that these days the crashes mainly 
happen with the Dolphin on the multimedia desktop, that has two tabs with 
two panes each. So it's still some work to re-create this. But it's not that 
happens on a daily basis.
Session management like in Konqueror would be nice :)  That one crashes 
fairly often, but as long as the state I was in is restored, I don't mind 

I also switched from Dolphin to Konqueror. Not much of a difference, though. 
Except for the update problem in Dolphin, sometimes it just does not update 
the display, my usual trick to force an update is to minimize the window to 
the title bar and back to normal size. Konqueror does not do this, so I use 
it now.
I had to remove the web search field in the toolbar, because that would make 
the address field too small. I wonder why the search field is active when 
Konqueror is in file management mode, this does not make sense to me. But 
it's no problem, I don't use this field much, and use the shortcuts (gg for 
Google etc.) instead.

My other problems with Dolphin still happen in Konqueror. Like the really 
nasty drag&drop problem, which is reported as [#267188], but seems hard to 
reproduce. I tried to create some sample folders, and did not succeed. I 
also don't like how Dolphin/Konqueror start scrolling when I drag files to a 
folder that is near the top/bottom. There is a little lag, so when I drop 
the files, they end up in the wrong folder as the thing just started to 
scroll. Really, I sometimes wish it would just work like Windows XP's 
explorer, where at least I do not have such problems.

About the crashes with Gwenview showing multimedia files: My bug report 
[#279624] was confirmed by someone else. I found out that this only happens 
with ffmpeg 0.7.3 installed, so a downgrade solved this problem. I reported 
this upstream in [#410], and it looks like they found the problem. It will 
be solved in 0.7.4.

List of weird stuff happening in the last weeks since I last wrote something 

One day, the bouncing mouse cursor that indicates a starting program did not 
go away. The problem was that I was doing important stuff involving VMware 
Player, and could not easily log out and in again for a while. This drove me 
crazy :)

On two occasions, the Windows and Ctrl keys no longer worked. Had to log out 
and in again.

Konqueror once was not able to log into my online banking site, I got an 
error that I had to give account number and password, which Konqueror 
clearly showed, but they were not sent. Again, after the next login the 
problem was gone.

For some days now, when I start Konqueror and enter any URL, LibreOffice 
starts. I have NO IDEA why. Sometimes this even happens when I am using 
Akregator and show a site in a new tab. Weird.

Suddenly, *.wav files are associated with Dolphin? And opening a .was file 
with Amarok did not work. probably unrelated, but at this moment I started 
getting high load, up to 52, iotop showed the akonadiserver process doing 

Downloading subtitles from opensubtitles.org with Konqueror resulted in 
many, many crashes. And while I usually opened the .zip files in Ark and 
dragged the files I needed to the destination, Ark now does not show any 
files, so I have to save the .zip file and unpack manually.

akonadi_maildispatcher_agent once crashed when sending a mail.

Sometimes, clicking at desktop #3 on the pager plasmoid in the panel does 
nothing. Only happens with this desktop, not the 5 others. My shortcut still 
works, which I prefer anyway because it is faster - the reaction is 
instantaneous, while when using the plasmoid it sometimes takes over a 
second until I get a response. Huh?

Discovered a problem with KMail2 not showing header titles (like From:, To:, 
X-Bugzilla-URL:). Filed bug [#280670].

Another Kmail2 annoyance is that the subject and sender is lost when KMail 
is quit with open composing windows. After restart, the windows re-appear, 
but I have to find and enter the subject manually. Happened countless times 
for me, also with this mail. Known bug [#280642], fixed in 4.7.1.

One day, KMail did not show any new mails in the morning. Had to restart 
both Akonadi and KMail to make this work again. In the meantime, weird 
things happened, like KMail showing only very few mails in some folders.

Krunner died. But I could simply restart it in a terminal. Nothing I would 
even mention, if the subject to this mail were different.

> BTW, Alex, you go by Alex in the from, but sign your posts Wonko.  Which
> do you prefer, or does it matter?  Wonko's a more unique ID, certainly by
> itself, but Alex is what shows up in the attribution line when I reply to
> you and in the author column of my posts lists, since that's what you use
> in your From: header.  Or maybe you prefer a more formal "Mr. Schuster",
> or would it be "Dr." or some such?

I prefer Wonko. Alex (or in fact Alexander) Schuster would the real name, 
but nowadays most people (real people, not only those on the net) know me as 
Wonko, not as Alex.
The name is taken from the fourth book of Douglas Adams' five-part trilogy 
'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy', it's the guy (Wonko the Sane) who 
built the asylum. And damn right he was.

> I can point out that my chosen mononym, which happens to be my last name
> but also happens to be not unheard of as a /first/ name, doesn't have
> that issue, since I use it consistently. FWIW, my first name is "John",
> but I don't use it because it's confusing.  As I explain it IRL, "There's
> always too many Johns around... until you need one, then you can't find
> one! =:^)  So I stopped referring to myself as John, to some extent in
> High School, more in college, and sometime a few years after, stopped
> responding to "John" at all, since now, to me that's referring to someone
> else.  The exception being when my folks say it, of course.  Then it's
> me! =:^)  But my email to them uses the signatures I use elsewhere, so it
> uses Duncan, too.  I don't hide it, I'm just being respectful of my folks
> to answer to the name they called me -- but ONLY when *THEY* call it, NOT
> anyone else!

Well, why not :) So we both changed our names to something more adequate.

> OTOH, to my Hispanic friends especially, Duncan mutates into Dunky, which
> even more quickly mutates into Donkey... and from there to Burro!  Which
> in Spanish can also mean dunce... but can also mean... well, let's keep
> it family fare, but for some reason, the women seem to use the term more
> than the guys, who tend to stick to Duncan.  Not that I blame 'em!  (If
> you want to know the meaning of a word, wictionary is your friend!)

Well, then check this out: 


[#267188] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=267188
[#279624] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=279624
[#410]    https://ffmpeg.org/trac/ffmpeg/ticket/410
[#280642] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=280642
[#280670] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=280670
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