I just noticed: no more crashes! Thanks, KDE team!

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Aug 7 10:40:09 BST 2011

Dotan Cohen posted on Sat, 06 Aug 2011 21:04:31 +0300 as excerpted:

> On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 00:27, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at cox.net> wrote:
>> That's why konqueror has the separate process options that
>> dolphin lacks -- the simple users dolphin targets are apparently
>> assumed never to have enough separate file manager windows open at once
>> that it really makes a difference for them.
> Dolphin has the separate process option too, it's just in Konqueror.
> From what I understand enabling this option in Konqueror enables it for
> Dolphin as well, because the Konqueror file manager in KDE 4 is just an
> embedded Dolphin part. I can't crash Dolphin to check, but I can tell
> you that keeping Konqueror preloaded makes Dolphin start up much faster
> as well.

Thanks for pointing that out! =:^)

"Crash" is a relative term.

If xkill is installed, there's a kde hotkey (set for ctrl-win-end here, 
win-end being my normal window-close hotkey, but IIRC it's ctrl-alt-esc 
or something similar by default) that starts it, or you can simply run 
xkill from krunner.

That gives you a skull and crossbones cursor, which if primary-clicked on 
any window, causes X to terminate its connection to the process that 
created the window, thus, for most X-based apps, triggering them to close 
(tho not crash unless they are bugged).

Alternatively, use top or kde's process listing (win-esc here, IIRC ctrl-
esc or some such by default, or run krunner and click on the process list 
icon to start it, or start ksysguard and switch to its process table).

Then start multiple dolphin windows and see if they show up as one or 
multiples in the process/top listing, and/or use xkill on one and see if 
it kills both, or just one.

Here, I get multiple dolphins listed, and xkill kills just the one I 
clicked on. =:^)

So it would seem that I'm already running separate dolphin processes, 
probably because I have konqueror configured for separate processes.  I 
had simply assumed since it only mentioned konqueror, that it only 
applied to konqueror.  Seems I was wrong, but happily, you were around to 
point out my mistake. =:^)

Looks like between you and me, we just solved Alex's problem, as soon as 
he sets that option! =:^)


BTW, Alex, you go by Alex in the from, but sign your posts Wonko.  Which 
do you prefer, or does it matter?  Wonko's a more unique ID, certainly by 
itself, but Alex is what shows up in the attribution line when I reply to 
you and in the author column of my posts lists, since that's what you use 
in your From: header.  Or maybe you prefer a more formal "Mr. Schuster", 
or would it be "Dr." or some such?

I can point out that my chosen mononym, which happens to be my last name 
but also happens to be not unheard of as a /first/ name, doesn't have 
that issue, since I use it consistently. FWIW, my first name is "John", 
but I don't use it because it's confusing.  As I explain it IRL, "There's 
always too many Johns around... until you need one, then you can't find 
one! =:^)  So I stopped referring to myself as John, to some extent in 
High School, more in college, and sometime a few years after, stopped 
responding to "John" at all, since now, to me that's referring to someone 
else.  The exception being when my folks say it, of course.  Then it's 
me! =:^)  But my email to them uses the signatures I use elsewhere, so it 
uses Duncan, too.  I don't hide it, I'm just being respectful of my folks 
to answer to the name they called me -- but ONLY when *THEY* call it, NOT 
anyone else!

OTOH, to my Hispanic friends especially, Duncan mutates into Dunky, which 
even more quickly mutates into Donkey... and from there to Burro!  Which 
in Spanish can also mean dunce... but can also mean... well, let's keep 
it family fare, but for some reason, the women seem to use the term more 
than the guys, who tend to stick to Duncan.  Not that I blame 'em!  (If 
you want to know the meaning of a word, wictionary is your friend!)

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