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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue Aug 16 17:02:03 BST 2011

Kevin Krammer posted on Tue, 16 Aug 2011 14:53:41 +0200 as excerpted:

> On Sunday, 2011-08-14, Martin Bednár wrote:

>> first of all, I'd like to state that I'm all in for the Akonadi concept
>> : a central storage for pim-related (and other) data; endless
>> possibilities.

FWIW, the kdepim developers can do what they want, I understand the idea 
of the synergies involved and I know it's useful for kontact all-in-one-
view users especially, but for my usage (kmail/kaddressbook and akregator 
only, as separate apps, I used pan for news and don't need an organizer 
or do IM), all that heavy-duty database stuff was rather like using a 
howitzer to kill a fly.

As such, while I /had/ used kmail for over nine years, from the kde2 era, 
after initially taking a wait-and-see attitude toward akoandified 
kaddressbook and later kmail, before I updated to 4.7 I switched to claws-
mail for mail, and shortly afterward, I switched to another instance of 
it (by setting the HOME and TMPDIR vars in a wrapper-script, so it looked 
in a different location for its config and synchronizing socket), using 
its feed-reader plugin, for my rss/atom feeds.

As I'm on Gentoo, that allowed me to set USE=-semantic-desktop and then 
to unmerge akonadi, nepomuk, etc, and rebuild kdelibs, dolphin, etc, 
without semantic-desktop support.

Even with quad cores and 6 gigs RAM, the system now runs like I just did 
a half-a-gig-Hz-or-better CPU update!  Honestly, much like the MS Windows 
guys getting used to how much responsiveness their scan-before-run anti-
virus sucks from the system, I had forgotten just how responsive a KDE 
system could be, as I've probably not seen it since kde3 era! (Early kde4 
had other bugs, now fixed, before 4.4 mandated akonadi for kaddressbook 
and later, the kdepim 4.6 release mandated it for kmail as well.

And claws-mail (and feeds) definitely lives upto its reputation for speed 
and slimness, certainly compared to the now-akonadified-and-obese kmail2, 
but if I'm not mistaken, kde starts faster even loading both claws 
instances than it did with kmail1 and akonadi.  Without akonadi, nepomuk, 
and the rest of the semantic desktop (tho soprano is still installed as I 
have krita installed and soprano's a koffice/caligra dependency, at least 
on Gentoo).

Without all that semantic-desktop stuff loading the system down, it's a 
real PLEASURE running KDE again! =:^)

But as I said I can see how it'd be useful for folks using more of the 
kdepim tools, particularly if they use the integrated kontact, as "the 
gray goo" of akonadi gradually envelops the rest of kdepim.  I just hope 
it stops there, since I no longer have any kdepim packages at all 
installed, so it won't affect me any longer, as long as it stops with 

>> What's up with Lion-mail? I've read about it some time ago, but I don't
>> see it anywhere... Or does anyone have an Akonadi based applet that
>> notifies of new mail (Kmail2 not running is a must).
> Sorry, no idea about Lion mail's status and unfortunately no idea about
> any other mail notifier either.

This is actually why I replied...

No idea about lion-mail (I always ran kmail, as I saw little point in 
running a mail-checker, only to have to start up the full mail client to 
deal with any mail, and now run claws-mail, both instances, as part of my 
kde session), and I've no idea if they're akonadi-based or not, but...

There's a number of mail notifier plasmoids available on kde-look and kde-
apps.  (Do note that some plasmoids appear on one but not the other; I 
thought they were aliases for the same site until I found kraid-monitor, 
a plasmoid that started on kde3 as a kicker applet but was ultimately 
migrated to kde4 as a plasmoid, on kde-apps only, at least that I could 
find when I tried to search for it on kde-look, instead, and came up 

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