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Martin Bednár serafean at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 19:52:20 BST 2011

Le Mardi 16 d'août 2011 16:02:03 Duncan a écrit :
> Kevin Krammer posted on Tue, 16 Aug 2011 14:53:41 +0200 as excerpted:
> > On Sunday, 2011-08-14, Martin Bednár wrote:
> >> first of all, I'd like to state that I'm all in for the Akonadi
> >> concept
> >> 
> >> : a central storage for pim-related (and other) data; endless
> >> 
> >> possibilities.
> FWIW, the kdepim developers can do what they want, I understand the idea
> of the synergies involved and I know it's useful for kontact all-in-one-
> view users especially, but for my usage (kmail/kaddressbook and akregator
> only, as separate apps, I used pan for news and don't need an organizer
> or do IM), all that heavy-duty database stuff was rather like using a
> howitzer to kill a fly.

Personnally I hate data duplication, and this way data can be easily shared 
between apps, that's how I view it. example : RSS feed of distro new available 
in package manager and akregator, with 'read' status synced. (Chakra has a 
package manager with RSS built-in)

> As such, while I /had/ used kmail for over nine years, from the kde2 era,
> after initially taking a wait-and-see attitude toward akoandified
> kaddressbook and later kmail, before I updated to 4.7 I switched to claws-
> mail for mail, and shortly afterward, I switched to another instance of
> it (by setting the HOME and TMPDIR vars in a wrapper-script, so it looked
> in a different location for its config and synchronizing socket), using
> its feed-reader plugin, for my rss/atom feeds.
> As I'm on Gentoo, that allowed me to set USE=-semantic-desktop and then
> to unmerge akonadi, nepomuk, etc, and rebuild kdelibs, dolphin, etc,
> without semantic-desktop support.

I use Gentoo too, and the greatest bottleneck I see is disk usage, which 
sometimes spikes up like crazy (an blocks the desktop). I disable indexing 
when on battery, and all is well.

> Even with quad cores and 6 gigs RAM, the system now runs like I just did
> a half-a-gig-Hz-or-better CPU update!  Honestly, much like the MS Windows
> guys getting used to how much responsiveness their scan-before-run anti-
> virus sucks from the system, I had forgotten just how responsive a KDE
> system could be, as I've probably not seen it since kde3 era! (Early kde4
> had other bugs, now fixed, before 4.4 mandated akonadi for kaddressbook
> and later, the kdepim 4.6 release mandated it for kmail as well.
> And claws-mail (and feeds) definitely lives upto its reputation for speed
> and slimness, certainly compared to the now-akonadified-and-obese kmail2,
> but if I'm not mistaken, kde starts faster even loading both claws
> instances than it did with kmail1 and akonadi.  Without akonadi, nepomuk,
> and the rest of the semantic desktop (tho soprano is still installed as I
> have krita installed and soprano's a koffice/caligra dependency, at least
> on Gentoo).
> Without all that semantic-desktop stuff loading the system down, it's a
> real PLEASURE running KDE again! =:^)
> But as I said I can see how it'd be useful for folks using more of the
> kdepim tools, particularly if they use the integrated kontact, as "the
> gray goo" of akonadi gradually envelops the rest of kdepim.  I just hope
> it stops there, since I no longer have any kdepim packages at all
> installed, so it won't affect me any longer, as long as it stops with
> kdepim.
> >> What's up with Lion-mail? I've read about it some time ago, but I
> >> don't
> >> see it anywhere... Or does anyone have an Akonadi based applet that
> >> notifies of new mail (Kmail2 not running is a must).
> > 
> > Sorry, no idea about Lion mail's status and unfortunately no idea about
> > any other mail notifier either.
> This is actually why I replied...
> No idea about lion-mail (I always ran kmail, as I saw little point in
> running a mail-checker, only to have to start up the full mail client to
> deal with any mail, and now run claws-mail, both instances, as part of my
> kde session), and I've no idea if they're akonadi-based or not, but...
> There's a number of mail notifier plasmoids available on kde-look and kde-
> apps.  (Do note that some plasmoids appear on one but not the other; I
> thought they were aliases for the same site until I found kraid-monitor,
> a plasmoid that started on kde3 as a kicker applet but was ultimately
> migrated to kde4 as a plasmoid, on kde-apps only, at least that I could
> find when I tried to search for it on kde-look, instead, and came up
> empty.)

I'll check them out, thanks.

I understand your point of view. However, the very first thing that came to 
mind when I understood the akonadi concept was : "no more mail client always 
in the backround" . since the mail notifier could list the incoming mails, and 
could open them in a mail-viewer (or I could reply to them) all this without 
starting kmail, in a "by-the-way" manner, not having to switch (to use KDE 
terminolgy) to my mail activity.

Thanks for replying,


PS: sorry for answering in 2 mails, didn't see them both at once.
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