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Felix Miata posted on Sun, 07 Aug 2011 16:01:46 -0400 as excerpted:

> What package is supposed to provide a home for this? Apparently
> Mandriva's 4.6.5 doesn't include it as a dep of anything necessary to
> reach a KDE desktop. Startx gets me a KDE desktop, but most icons are
> missing, including the default app starter icon. There's a white X on a
> red background at the left end of the panel, and to its right are 5
> empties, then tools. RMB on the X produces no response. LMB on it
> produces a list of 3 items: AROSA starter settings, Panel options &
> Remove this AROSA starter.
> Similar question for systemsettings. It opens, but none of its
> selections open.
> Kcmshell4 can't find some basic modules either. Grepping for locale in
> --list output produces nothing.
> Which package should provide the panel?

It sounds like the functional package is installed, since you're getting 
a desktop at all.  The panel, the desktop, that's all part of plasma (the 
binary is plasma-desktop, the packages would include plasma-runtime, 
plasma-workspace, plasma-apps, libplasmagenericshell, libplasmaclock, 
kdeplasma-addons, etc, or possibly kdebase-runtime and kdebase-workspace, 
if mandriva is packaging the unsplit upstream kde tarballs).  However, it 
sounds like you may be missing an icons package, or more likely, the KDE 
SYstem COnfig CAche (sycoca) is screwed up and/or you have some vital 
environmental settings badly messed up.

Does mandriva still use their own menu system as they used to, years 
ago?  If so, it could be related to that and nothing other distros would 
even know about.

Try manually running...

kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental

...(as your user), and see if that helps.  You can also try...

kbuildsycoca4 --global root.

If that doesn't work, from a konsole window, try...

export | grep KDE


export | grep XDG

Those last two won't change anything, but they'll give you a list of the 
KDE and XDG ( variables that are set.  In particular, 
pay attention to the KDEHOME and KDEDIRS and XDG_CONFIG_* and XDG_DATA_* 
vars, if set.  Those should be paths to the system and user config and 
data dirs, including the locations where the *.desktop files that provide 
the menu should be.  You can either look them over and try to change them 
yourself if need be, or post them here, if desired.  Or, if they seem to 
be really strange, you may wish to simply unset them wherever they're 
being set, before or as KDE starts, and see if the built-in defaults for 
when the vars are unset do any better.

If you need further help, knowing where mandriva puts its kde would be 
useful.  It's probably either /usr/, or possibly /usr/local/ or /opt/.  
If the KDEDIRS var is set, it should point to it.  If not, your path 
probably includes the related bin-dir (/usr/bin, /opt/bin, /usr/local/
bin, /usr/kde/bin, or some such).  Try running...

which plasma-desktop

... and reporting the results.  Here on Gentoo, the result is


... and KDEDIRS is defaulting (because it's not set) to /usr/ .

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